Epic Games is currently holding the Fortnite World Cup in New York City where players are competing for huge cash prizes. With over $30 million in cash to be given out, the best "Fortnite Battle Royale" players from all around the world have gathered for their slice of the pie. The Sunday event was the biggest as it had the final stage of the Solo tournament, and Epic Games has also used this chance to release the first teaser for Season 10 of the popular video game.

The teaser was released after the fifth game of the Solo tournament, and many players are excited about the new season.

The "Fortnite" developer has hinted at the return of the original map with the teaser, which is something many players want. The new season is just around the corner, and we will receive more teasers in the next few days.

The first teaser

Shortly after game 5 of the tournament was concluded, Epic Games has released the first teaser for Season 10, or Season X. X is the Roman numeral which represents the number 10, and that could be the number of the next season. It has already appeared in the PlayStation Store screenshot as well, and all we now need is the confirmation from Epic Games.

The first teaser shows Dusty Depot, which was one of the original places in "Fortnite Battle Royale." Beside being an original point of interest, it was also the first place that was drastically changed by an in-game event.

As many players remember, meteors started to fall all over the island at the end of Season 3, and the entire island was hit by a huge meteor at the start of the fourth season. This meteor has destroyed a few places on the island, but Dusty Depot was completely demolished and renamed to Dusty Divot.

The original place did not have much loot, but it was still a popular landing spot.

It also had a couple of factories next to it which contained a lot of loot and players loved them. The three warehouses are iconic and every player recognizes them. While Epic Games hasn't revealed the team of the next season yet, we can expect it to be a throwback to the first season which was released in late 2017.

More teasers

Epic Games will release three more teaser images in the following days, just like it was the case in the previous seasons. With these teasers, the development team is going to reveal things that will be added with Season 10. The season is scheduled to be released on August 1, shortly after Fortnite World Cup concludes.

The orb in the center of Loot Lake is most likely going to explode and bring massive changes to the map. There are many theories about what is going to happen, but there is no doubt that we will get some original points of interest back in the next season!