The biggest "Fortnite Battle Royale" tournament has concluded on Sunday, July 28, after Epic Games has given out more than $30 million in cash prizes. Fortnite World Cup has brought the best players of the popular video game to New York City and hundreds of them have competed for the title of the best "Fortnite" player. A few players have even become millionaires and the tournament organizer rewarded the best solo player with $3 million, which is the largest individual reward in esports history!

Zayt is one professional "Fortnite Battle Royale" player who participated in the big tournament.

He is well known for dominating in the Duos tournament that happened on Saturday during the second day of Fortnite World Cup. Zayt and his partner Saf dominated the first few games of the final round, but couldn't end up victorious. After the Duos tournament came to an end, the professional player has claimed that a few competitors had a major advantage during it.

Major advantage during Duos tournament

Zayt and Saf were just one game away from winning $3 million from the Duos tournament. When the fifth game of the competition ended, this duo had 43 points and was ranked first on the leaderboard. The second team, which consisted of Nyhrox and Aqua, trailed them by three points, while everyone else was five or more points behind.

In the end, it was Nyhrox and Aqua who ended up victorious, taking $3 million in cash prizes, while Saf and Zayt fell all the way down to the fourth place, winning $750,000 each.

Zayt was definitely frustrated that he and his teammate blew a huge lead and missed the opportunity to win the tournament. His tweet, which was posted after the tournament he participated in, was most likely caused by that frustration.

The professional "Fortnite" player has claimed that some of his competitors had an advantage during the six games that were played.

Before the Solo finals began, Zayt tweeted how his competitors, Sceptic and Clix, had an advantage during the Duos finals as they were able to look up at the giant screen that was in the arena.

The duo which supposedly had the advantage hasn't performed well, however. Sceptic and Clix finished the tournament in the 35th place with 11 points, 40 points behind the winner. These two players have won $50,000 each, just like every other player in the team that has failed to make it to top 10.

Salty or not?

The professional "Fortnite" player has received numerous replies to his tweet and some players called him salty because he and his teammate failed to secure a victory. While he does have a point to a certain extent, he most likely wouldn't have made the tweet if he finished first in the tournament.