Another hand cannon is up for grabs in “Destiny 2” as the Lumina Exotic quest officially went live. The new weapon has this special ammo known as Noble Rounds that heal and buff teammates. That said, players have discovered a way to maximize the use of the new weapon while playing a Warlock. Also, it looks like an old cheese is still in the game as it can be done within the Will of the Thousands strike on Mars.

Lumina + Warlocks

Guardians (especially Dawnblade Warlocks) who have already acquired the Lumina hand cannon have discovered a neat trick while using the new Exotic.

Per “D2” YouTuber Ninja Pups, the weapon can be used with a Warlock running an Attunement of Grace (Well of Radiance). Shooting a teammate with the Exotic’s Noble Rounds will activate the Warlock’s Benevolent Dawn perk hence, recharging their abilities. This just made the Warlock an awesome support class in the game right now.

Regen cheese in Will of the Thousands

Another YouTuber – Cheese Forever – uploaded a short clip showing what he calls an infinite health and ability regeneration that can be performed within the Will of the Thousands strike boss room on Mars.

Per the video, the trick requires one from the team using a middle tree Sentinel Titan. Next is to hit the boxes in the boss area (Xol arena) using either a grenade or melee attacks before the trick gets activated. Cheese further explained that hitting certain objects using void detonators causes them to explode and this can be chained to another object.

This would sometimes result in an infinite loop of back and forth explosions that gives nearby teammates a good amount of melee energy and health grenade every second. He pointed out, however, that players can still be eliminated albeit using the trick, though he said that it’s incredibly hard.

Meanwhile, Reddit user u/Guyovich67 over on r/DestinyTheGame noticed that pulling the Rose hand cannon after getting the Lumina gives the weapon a range Masterwork, mod slot, and even a shader slot.

In line with this, there was even a petition on the subreddit to add Rampage as one of its perks as the OP stated on his post that the weapon is missing a perk slot. The Reddit user went on stating that Rezyl Azzir (a.k.a Dredgen Yor) “would not stand for having his legendary Rose be massacred by a missing perk.” So far, the said post is gaining quite the traction among members of the subreddit.

Cozmo on Scout Rifles

Community Manager Cozmo, on the other hand, responded to a Reddit post stating that all scout rifles in “D2” are underperforming in PvE by as much as 40 percent as compared to hand cannons. U/QuotidianQuell stated that it is evident whenever the target is 40 meters or closer. According to Cozmo, the request to buff scout rifles has been passed along to their dev team.