The “Destiny 2” community are all smiles as of late after Bungie provided an in-depth look on what players should be expecting in the online-only shooter. Prior to the developer’s big reveal, datamined information about the game’s upcoming contents has been leaked which include “D2’s” Fall DLC - “Shadowkeep.” Text strings for what data miners believe to be quest steps for the Lumina hand cannon were also dug up in the game files.

Another hand cannon

The leak provided by known “Destiny 2” dataminer Ginsor is pretty much mixed up as the quest steps were included in a lengthy string of texts.

It’s not that difficult to figure out though which ones are the objectives for the upcoming Exotic (no particular order):

  • Players will have to identify Thorn’s location using a system positioning device.
  • Players will have to Defeat multiple enemies in a row without reloading their weapons.
  • Completing activities across the Solar System using the Rose hand cannon. Fighting alongside a Fireteam will grant the most efficient progress provided that they too are Rose wielders.
  • Run the Will of the Thousands strike with the Rose equipped to reclaim the lost Light from Hive crystals, not to mention that players will have to defeat Xol. It was also stated that these tasks must be done in a single run through the activity adding that progress will not be saved across several tries.
  • Players will have to neutralize the Thorn’s intrinsic Darkness using the strength of their Light.
  • Eliminate other Guardians using hand cannons as a team. They also need to generate Orbs of Light for fellow Guardians and eliminate Invaders in Gambit before they eliminate other team members.
  • Restore Rose’s perks in preparation for the Exotic’s future transformation
  • Players need to run a Nightfall strike and hit a score of 50,000 or higher
  • They also need to complete encounters at the Blind Well at any of the forges within the Black Armory or in Escalation Protocol.

In line with the fourth bullet, “D2” players have already noticed those so-called Hive crystals on the above-mentioned strike.

Per YouTuber MoreConsole, there are 37 of these crystals that are scattered in that area.

More Exotics to come

Aside from the Lumina, new Exotics were also spotted during Bungie’s “Out of the Shadows” ViDoc. Senior Designer Lisa Brown can be seen applying some knockback feature into an upcoming Exotic bow. She also showed an Exotic trace rifle that when fired towards an enemy creates a large crit spot.

A scoped Exotic hand cannon that fires special ammo was also teased by Brown. According to its designer Victor Anderson, it’s the only hand cannon in the game that has a scope on it adding that it lights an enemy on fire.