The latest This Week at Bungie blog post has revealed the developer’s plans of patching up a glitch in “Destiny 2’s” Menagerie that allowed players to farm those in-game loot. That said, players are on a grind in opening the chest while they still can in hopes of getting a better roll. Others are back solving that elusive 15th wish in the Last Wish raid event as they’ve stumbled upon what could be new clues on how to finally solve the puzzle. Also, players have just discovered another glitch in the game that enables them to reload their Exotic weapons a whole lot quicker than the usual.

Incoming patch

D2” players are pretty much aware by now about the patch that will eventually fix the above-mentioned exploit in the Menagerie as this will go live next month (July 9). Until then, Bungie has advised their community to “grow fat with strength” and take advantage of it while it lasts.

“Destiny” YouTuber My name is Byf , on the other hand, pitched in an idea for the Menagerie chest. Per his recent tweet, he suggested that rewards should be tied “a little more closely to performance.” This alongside its mechanics on how it’s done. Another content creator – Mesa Sean also tweeted that Bungie could just cut the timer in half allowing players to get two to three drops per run. Someone over on r/DestinyTheGame even suggested to at least add a couple more chests in the Menagerie for it to remain some sort of a nice reward for the time invested.

Morse codes

Meanwhile, Reddit user u/idSynth recently took to r/raidsecrets to show some interesting stuff that he discovered that could lead him and other players in solving the 15th wish in the game’s Last Raid.

In his post, he stated that he came across with a Morse code in Shattered Throne that upon decrypting, it gave him “E1.” He also got another code in the Garden of Esila that read “S2.” Upon further digging, he found out that another player also got a code within the Tangled Shore that translates to “M5.”

With that in mind, he theorized that if every button on the Wall of Wishes was replaced with letters, the puzzle could finally be solved.

He even shared a link further explaining his theory and for other players who want to share additional information.

Infinite Feeding Frenzy

In other “D2” related stuff, YouTubers Cheese Forever and Reviewbrah discovered what they call a game-breaking cheese in the game. According to the former, players will basically equip themselves with two Feeding Frenzy weapons in order for them to glitch their character to having the buff always active. If that is done correctly, they can now use any weapon having Feeding Frenzy reload speeds:

  • Eliminate an enemy
  • Melee an enemy
  • Switch weapons
  • Eliminate another enemy
  • Switch weapons again

Cheese added that this trick will also work on Izanagi’s Burden’s Honed Edge and even Lord of Wolves.