Destiny 2” players are by now well-acquainted with the glitches that were recently discovered in the game (Bad Juju Catalyst and infinite super cheeses). It may well seem that there will be more of these in the online-only shooter as players claim that Bungie may have missed something while patching up the Menagerie’s Gauntlet encounter. Also, the developer addressed a couple of concerns that were brought to light by their player base which include percentages in activities and a so-called housecleaning update that was pitched in by the community.

Left unpatched

Reddit user u/ekrizay’s post is blowing up as of late as it tackled the above-mentioned cheese within the Gauntlet encounter. If it’s anything to go by, he stated that whenever a player crosses the finish line and shoots the ground with a grenade launcher that eventually eliminates oneself, this will be equivalent to 10 finishes. The OP further explained that this trick will also trigger the secret triumph for the encounter.

For the uninitiated, Bungie recently rolled out update where it included a fix for the Gauntlet encounter of the Menagerie. The patch also fixed the loot farm in the Menagerie run where players were able to open the chest multiple times within a given time limit.

On percentages and QoL updates for past DLCs

Meanwhile, Community Manager Dmg addressed a couple of things regarding the game. One of them is why they use percentages in “Destiny 2’s” activities (quests, triumphs, and bounty objectives) instead of the exact numbers.

In his response, he stated that it will require extra work if they opted to do such tweak, adding that “every localized version of the game has to make, test, and verify the change works.” With percentages, however, the change can be done on the backend and will, later on, be made known via their This Week at Bungie blog post or through a tweet.

He went on to say that they put exact numbers whenever it’s possible, but there are instances that they have to use percentages to give room for future updates, minus the hassle of having to test in every language.

He also made a lengthy reply to another Reddit post suggesting Bungie roll out what the OP calls a house cleaning update. This is to address the ongoing issues within the game’s DLCs.

Per Dmg’s response, he stated that each quality of life request will have some sort of trade-off. To put some context to it, he mentioned the Mercury Sparrow that was heavily requested by the community back then.

The developers tried implementing it only to end up encountering several bugs in the process that resulted in compromising their development timeline. They lost resources that could’ve been used for other content that are in development. With that in mind, he stated that they have to prioritize what to tackle as soon as possible based not only on the player base’s feedback, but on their release timelines and the availability of the people who’ll be working on such content.