Destiny 2’s” update is already live and has brought in several fixes and changes to the game’s XP rewards. The Exotic quest for the returning pulse rifle known as Bad Juju is also well underway and the “D2” community is on a grind as of late in getting the weapon. However, it looks like there is a new bug in both the Tribute Hall and the Exotic quest that got players irked about it. In line with this, there’s also a nifty cheese that allows players to get infinite supers while playing the newly added content.

Looks like a bug in the Tribute Hall

Forbes’ Paul Tassi was among the first to notice the bug and stated that his discount from turning in bounties was somewhat capped. He noted that he thought that he could get a 12 percent discount per day on three of his characters. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

According to him, he went on, completing all four bounties on one of his characters and turned those in afterward. However, instead of getting a four percent discount, he only got two percent. He did a couple more bounties on his Hunter but only received glimmer. Tassi added that he heard of other players capping out anywhere from four to eight percent. He even pointed out that the icon that tells players that they’ll be getting a discount reward simply went away from those bounties.

With that in mind, he advised fellow players to turn in those bounties one at a time. If it only resulted in glimmer, it is best not to continue. At the time of writing, Bungie has yet to confirm if this is indeed a bug.

An infinite super glitch

Still on “Destiny 2’s” Tribute Hall and Bad Juju Exotic quest, the YouTube channel of glitchtutorial recently uploaded a video showing how to perform what he calls an infinite super glitch.

Per its description, the glitch works well on all roaming supers like the Hunter’s Spectral Blades, the Warlock’s Dawnblade subclass, and the Titan’s Sunbreaker. The YouTuber pointed out, though, that it will not work with a raid banner.

To perform this glitch, players must fill up their character’s super and activate it. Once activated, fill up another super and wait for that sound indicating that it’s already full.

After filling up, players will have to switch any gear piece. If done correctly, it can be observed that the super has been refilled after that gear change. Be sure to change gear before the super goes empty. It can also be seen in the video that he used the glitch to cheese his way through The Other Side mission where he made a quick work of the baddies in that area. Fellow “D2” Cheese Forever commented that the glitch is pretty much similar to the one in Io, though he’s not sure if that still works.