Harley Castro who’s popularly known in the “Destiny” community as LuCKyy 10p has announced that he already left Team Next Level. However, he also revealed that he’s being sued by his former organization and is now asking for everyone’s help.

Getting sued

LuCKyy just uploaded a video over on YouTube where he revealed his looming legal battle against TNL. According to him, right after he left the team, he was informed that he’s being sued by the organization for breaking his contract. However, he said that he never had a contract, though he pointed out that he had a previous contract with a certain LuCKyy BW.

He further explained that by the time BW left, the said contract ended and never signed a new contract. He even described the previous contract that was given to him as “extremely oppressive and probably illegal.”

The reasons why he left

LuCKkyy also made a TwitLonger post where he detailed the reasons why he left Team Next Level. The first is about the time he’s traveling to attend this year’s Guardian Con. He mentioned that a certain Wade called for a meeting (he wasn’t in it, but the events that transpired were confirmed to him by other members of the organization named Joe and Muscle) to which another person named Borchy asked him about a PC giveaway. Wade replied to not worry about it adding that someone already won it, though he explained that the winner was too far and the cost for sending the PC would be pretty steep.

LuCKyy was even told that Wade was remembered, saying that if anyone asks about it, they just have to answer that someone from Brazil got it.

He also learned about a former teammate’s Twitch account that was in her own words “stolen from her.” LuCKyy also revealed that there was an attempt to steal his account by the time he decided to leave the organization.

Luckily, it was given back to him.

His teammate – Muscle wanted to leave the org as well. However, when they informed Wade about their decision, he demanded that Muscle must pay him his full Twitch income for the next three months, while he was asked to pay $40,000 even though he stated early on that there was no contract and no new contract was ever signed.

Folks who got to see his video advised him not to spill more details about his current situation until it’s fully resolved. They added that it will and can be used against him in the court of law if he’s not very careful about it.

His GoFundMe page

With that in mind, LuCKyy has set up a GoFundMe page as he is asking for help to pay for his legal expenses. He said that he needs to fight against what’s happening to him adding that none of it was right. Holding back the tears, he went on saying that he just want to keep on doing what he’s doing and be a beacon of positivity within the “Destiny” community.