A few months back, the “Destiny 2” community was surprised about Josh Hamrick leaving Bungie. That said, a couple from the development team recently left the studio that saddened the game’s player base yet again.

Thank you, Z

Bungie’s Principal WriterMallory Schleif – took to Twitter last Friday to announce that it’s her last day at the studio. According to her tweet, she stated that it’s been an honor and privilege to help bring the world of the online-only space shooter to life. She went on thanking the game’s lore communities for their keen passion and inquisitive minds.

Her former colleagues at Bungie thanked her for the contributions she’s done especially to the game’s lore. So did some of the well-known content creators like Pyro Gaming and My name is Byf – who’s known for his “Destiny” lore videos over on YouTube.

A Reddit user - u/GeneralBattuta stated that Schleif was vital to “Forsaken” adding that she deserves the strongest recognition and acknowledgment. It may well seem that the Redditor knows her pretty well as the OP stated that Schleif made him a better writer and even gave him chances that he never would’ve had without her. The Reddit user went on stating that she was his editor, collaborator, and an inspiration in everything that he’s done in the game since “Forsaken.” The OP also revealed that Shcleif also worked on Mara’s Court, the Dreaming City’s Last Wish, and everything with Orin and Mithrax.

The senior narrative lead also left

On the same day, the Bungie’s Senior Narrative LeadChristine Thompson also announced over on Twitter that she left the studio.

Thompson was the campaign writer for “Destiny 2” and has worked on several expansions of the game which include:

  • Curse of Osiris
  • Warmind
  • Forsaken Annual Pass

Aside from Hamrick leaving Bungie back in March, there are others who also left the studio to pursue a different path:

  • Jon Weisnewski – Senior Gameplay Designer
  • Claude Jerome – Gameplay Designer for “Destiny: The Taken King” “Destiny 2” and “Destiny 2: Forsaken”
  • Joe Blackburn – Raid Design Lead
  • Jill Scharr – Narrative Lead for “Forsaken”

Players back then were pretty much worried about Bungie folks leaving the company as this could greatly affect “Destiny 2’s” future contents.

An old exploit making a comeback

Meanwhile, YouTuber Cheese Forever uploaded another clip showing how players can get an unlimited number of grenades for all classes while Warlocks can get grenades, rift, melee, and instant health regeneration pretty much anywhere. Per the short clip, the exploit requires either a sparrow or a relic. As for Warlocks, the Exotic helmet Apotheosis Veil is needed.