Epic Games has released the "14 Days of Summer" event for "Fortnite Battle Royale" over a week ago. This summer event has added a lot of new content to the popular video game, including some new and unique limited-time game modes that are rotating every single day. The video game developer has also released exclusive event challenges which reward players with free cosmetic items, including emotes, sprays, loading screens, and more.

One thing that has made the event unique is the 24-hour unvaulting of vaulted weapons. In short, Epic Games unvaults one vaulted weapon for one day during the event, making it available in every game mode, including regular playlists.

Players have seen the Lightmachine Gun back in action on the first day of the event, and the 12th day will feature one of the player-favorite weapons, the Tactical Submachine Gun.

The 'Tac' is coming back to the game

The Tactical Submachine Gun was one of the weapons that was released in the original version of "Fortnite Battle Royale." While the weapon had accuracy issues in its early versions, most players used it because of its massive damage output and its ability to counter building. Its Epic variant had a DPS of 260, which was considered overpowered at one point. To put it in perspective, DPS of the strongest variant of the Suppressed Submachine Gun is 216.

The original SMG was vaulted with the v5.0 Content Update and was replaced by another variant.

The new variant was a Common, an Uncommon, and a Rare rarity, with the strongest one having a DPS of 228. It had stayed in the game for two seasons and it was vaulted with the v7.30 patch.

During the Unvaulting event that happened on May 4, 2019, "Fortnite Battle Royale" players were able to pick the Tactical Submachine Gun to return to the game.

However, players ended up choosing the Drum Gun, which was unvaulted immediately after the event. The Drum Gun is still in the game, but those who miss the Tactical SMG will be able to use it during the summer event on July 6.

Data miners have revealed that this weapon will be added back to the game on the 12th day of the event, and just like other temporarily unvaulted weapons, it will be available in regular playlists, as well as in limited-time game modes.

More unvaulted weapons

Players are currently able to use the Double-Barrel Shotgun as the unvaulted weapon of the 11th day of the event. After it, the Tactical SMG will be added to the battle royale game for a limited time, followed by the Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle and the Suppressed Assault Rifle. The silenced SCAR will be the last unvaulted weapon of the event since it will be added on the day 14, which is the last day of the event.