Epic Games has recently released another huge patch for "Fortnite Battle Royale." The v9.40 patch, which was released on July 17 at 4 AM Eastern Time, has brought some huge changes to the popular video game and it has received mostly positive feedback from the community. Considering that this will most likely be the last big patch in Season 9, the video game developer has added a lot of new files to the game data, including the upcoming event files.

"Fortnite" is approaching its second birthday, which will happen in the second-to-last week of Season 9.

The video game was first released on July 21, 2017, and it only had the PvE mode. In September 2017, Epic Games has released the battle royale mode for the game, which has resulted in massive popularity. This year, the "Fortnite" creator is once again releasing special birthday challenges and players will be able to earn free cosmetic items by completing them.

Birthday challenges and rewards

As soon as the v9.40 patch was released, data miners found some interesting data that they shared with the community. It turns out there are a lot of exciting things that are going to happen in the last two weeks of Season 9, including two different sets of challenges. Both of these sets reward players with free cosmetic items and they will soon be released to the game.

Data miner FortTory has released the list of the "Fortnite" birthday challenges. These challenges will most likely be released on July 21 and players will have at least one week to complete them. There are five challenges in this set and all of them reward players with cosmetic items.

The first challenge will be to play 10 matches of "Fortnite Battle Royale." The reward for completing this challenge will be an exclusive wrap.

Players will also have to dance in front of 10 birthday cakes in order to unlock a new music pack, while they will be given a special spray for outlasting 500 opponents during the birthday celebration period. Epic Games will once again let players get health and shield from birthday cakes, and gaining 50 of either health or shield will reward players with an emoticon.

Finally, players who complete all four challenges will be given a birthday pickaxe.

Overtime challenges

Season 9 has been extended by two weeks due to the Fortnite World Cup. Fortunately, players will be given another set of challenges with free cosmetic rewards as Epic Games will once again release the Overtime challenges. Completing these tasks will reward players with Season XP, loading screens, and additional styles for Battle Pass skins. In addition, there is a chance players get a free Season 10 Battle Pass from them.