Epic Games has previously announced some big changes that will come to "Fortnite Battle Royale" game modes this summer. On June 24, the video game developer has officially revealed the details about the "14 Days of Summer" event, showing a lot of new content for players to enjoy. There are a lot of new game modes that will be active in the game during this event, along with new challenges and free rewards.

As its name indicates, the event will last for two weeks and players will be able to earn rewards only during it. The event will end in early July, just a few weeks before Season 9 of "Fortnite Battle Royale" ends.

The next few weeks will definitely be very interesting and exciting for players as Epic Games is going to release a lot of new content and possibly another big event that will introduce us to the tenth season of the popular video game.

The event summary

Each day of the "14 Days of Summer" event will bring something new to "Fortnite Battle Royale." A vaulted weapon will be unvaulted every 24 hours, giving players the chance to use older weapons once again. Besides that, a new limited-time game mode will come out in the game every day, and Epic Games has released details about all of these new modes. Players will also get a special daily challenge and a free reward, and there will be new outfits and other cosmetic items in the Item Shop that will appear every day.

Here are the new limited-time game modes that will be active during the event:

  • Heavy Metal Squads
  • Storm Chasers: Surfin' (Squads)
  • Power Up Solos
  • Leave None Behind Duos
  • Use With Care Duos
  • Headshots Duos
  • Tank Battle Squads
  • Builders Paradise Squads
  • Arsenal (Solo)
  • Rumble Squads
  • Loadout Swap Squads
  • Strategic Structures Squads
  • Splashdown Squads.

While most of the new limited-time game modes will be about four-player teams, players who enjoy playing Solo and Duos will also be able to enjoy some of them.

In addition to this, Wick's Bounty is coming back to the game!

New modes will be unique and there is no doubt that players will enjoy some of them. For example, the Tank Battle mode will have siphon enabled and players will start with more health and shield. The Headshots mode will only register headshots as hits and shotguns will be removed from this mode.

The Heavy Metal LTM will only have heavy variants of weapons, and there will also be an increased metal farming rate as well as faster storms.

Save the World

Players who purchased "Fortnite: Save the World" will also get some new content in the game. Players will receive a new quest every day to earn some free items for their Homebase. Completing quests will earn players Summer Tickets, and completing all of them will unlock a special explosive weapon!