There’s only a day left for “Destiny 2” players to complete the grind-infused Iron Banner quests that grant them with IB-themed armor pieces. However, some of them have stumbled upon an exploit that allows them to cheese their way through the final step of the quest.

Iron Banner/Headstrong glitch

Destiny 2” player known as LucCKyy (@LucCKyy10p) was among the first to discover it as he took to Twitter about a week ago to show how it’s done. According to him, if a player is already on the event’s final quest step known as Headstrong, one can simply “load and cancel load any location and the progress finishes insanely fast.” He even stated that he completed the step in just five minutes thanks to the exploit.

The players also uploaded a YouTube clip detailing the entire quest step. There, he further explained that the glitch was discovered by accident adding that players will need to make a little bit of progress first (winning a couple of games will do) before loading the Tower. While it is still loading, players will have to change characters and reselect it. Repeat the process and the Headstrong quest step will be done in no time. Be reminded, though, that the quest is character specific meaning that a player can only have that progress on a specific character.

Another way to do it

In line with this, Forbes’ Paul Tassi – who’s also a “Destiny 2” player, learned that by simply traveling to new locations in the game also stacks up the progression.

No character change is required on this one. Just load into the planets and get the same benefits. He went on stating that Bungie will not be implementing a fix for this ongoing glitch in Iron Banner especially now that the event only has a day left. He’s also hoping that the developer would make some tweaks on this new IB quest in the event’s next installment “to make it less of a slog.”

Out of map glitch in Crown of Sorrow

Another one of those so-called “out of map” glitches was also discovered by players and this time, it was found within the Crown of Sorrow.

Reddit user u/SVLTY recently posted a YouTube link over on r/raidsecrets showcasing the out of bounds glitch. However, players who tried doing it pointed out that the glitch would take some practice since there are areas that are too high to jump on. There are some who stated that they used strafe in doing the glitch.

Khepri’s Sting melee bug

Meanwhile, someone from r/DestinyTheGame noticed a bug in the game where a player’s melee energy gets consumed whenever they are hit by a friendly’s smoke grenade and while the Hunter’s Khepri’s Sting gauntlet is equipped. Community Manager Cozmo took note of it and stated that this issue will be passed along.