It's been a few tough months for FaZe Clan as the esports organization is dealing with a lot of problems right now. In May, Turner "Tfue" Tenney has filed a lawsuit against the team, claiming that his contract was oppressive, one-sided, and even illegal. Tfue, who is one of the most popular "Fortnite Battle Royale" streamers, ended up leaving the organization and becoming a free agent.

Right now, it is unknown what exactly Tfue is going to do when it comes to his esports career and his team, but it appears that leaving FaZe Clan was the right move.

Shortly after all the drama with him and the organization, Dennis "Cloak" Lepore is also close to leaving the team. We can expect Cloak to follow Tfue's footsteps and leave the team soon, which is going to be another huge hit. Tenney has talked about his former teammate and the situation that he is currently in.

Cloak and FaZe departure will most likely happen soon

After everything that has happened between Tfue and FaZe Clan, it became obvious that the organization doesn't treat its players the right way. The popular "Fortnite Battle Royale" streamer has claimed that his contract was illegal and oppressive and that the team takes up to 80 percent of his revenue. Ricky Banks, the owner of the organization, claimed these statements were false, but when Tfue's contract was released, everyone could see how bad it was.

Banks himself later admitted that the contract was wrong.

During the drama between FaZe Clan and Tfue, Cloak has expressed his public support for his teammate. When Tenney asked the team to release his contract, Cloak posted a picture of him embracing Tfue on Instagram and asking for the release of the contract as well. He also made it clear that, despite Tenney leaving the team, they will keep playing together and qualify for the Fortnite World Cup as a duo.

Recently, Cloak spoke of his future, revealing how he's wanted to leave FaZe Clan for a few months, even before his teammate filed a lawsuit. He has also denied some false statements the organization has released, such as offers from other teams Cloak could join. The streamer called these statements false, claiming he has no intentions to join another organization and that he simply wants to focus on himself.

Tfue's comments

"He's like a fireman's hose but no one's holding it," Tenney said regarding his former's teammates situation. "He's a PR nightmare. He is a PR nightmare. Could be alright though." The former FaZe Clan member has also shot down the idea of another organization buying Cloak's contract out. "Uh, that's not going to happen," he said. "He is in the same contract as I brother, it is an illegal contract, an excellent contract."