"Fortnite Battle Royale" players keep setting the bar high with their impressive eliminations records. A few seasons ago, getting 40 to 45 eliminations in a Duo mode would have been a world record, but right now, anything under 50 eliminations is not even close to breaking it. The Duos elimination record on PC has been broken recently with 55 eliminations, which is very impressive.

It is important to note that the record has been set in the Arena mode, which is different from the regular playlists. This is a competitive mode that has the Siphon mechanic enabled and it also has skill-based matchmaking.

The duo team that set the record was playing in the second division of the Open League as they started the game with 49 Hype. It was obvious that they were superior to their opponents, but their record is still impressive and it will probably take a long time until someone else breaks it.

The record

The latest "Fortnite Battle Royale" record has been set by Slasst of Team Synergy and his 13-year-old teammate Zitrn. This team has broken the previous record by four eliminations, which is amazing. These two players have put on a masterful performance with Zitrn getting 27 eliminations and his partner getting 28.

Zitrn landed at Lucky Landing, which was a hot spot and he left the area with impressive seven eliminations.

He then moved to Fatal Field, getting two eliminations in there, before leaving for Neo Tilted. By the time he was finished with this area, his elimination total was 13, and he got two extra eliminations north of Loot Lake before going to the Block for his 16th eliminations. After this area and Pleasant Park, the player has managed to get 27 eliminations in total.

The last circle was right by the Block and players tried to do a rocket ride trickshot on the last enemy, but they ended up taking him down with a shotgun.

Soujun landed at Salty Springs where he eliminated four players. His next destination was Dusty Divot where he already got to 10 total eliminations before making it 14 at Loot Lake and the surrounding area.

The player then eliminated three more teams at Lazy Lagoon before joining his teammate at the Block to get to 28 total eliminations.

The difficulty

The duo team was much better than other players in the Open League, which is definitely something that has helped them break the record. However, it is still impressive that they managed to find 55 other players and take them down. This was not an easy task, yet they have done it successfully, earning 63 points in just one match of the Arena.

It will be interesting to see who will break the record next. We can expect it to be broken in the Arena mode once again since the Siphon mechanic benefits aggressive players in a big way.