Respawn Entertainment's "Apex Legends" was one of the fastest growing games of this year. The battle royale video game has managed to get millions of players in its first week of the release, and over 50 million players have tried it in its first month. This video game had established itself as a serious competitor to "Fortnite Battle Royale" and it was loved by many players.

Unfortunately, the video game developer did not do a good job with patches and Season 1 was very disappointing. The Battle Pass did not contain good rewards and many of them were useless, and in addition to this, there was barely any new content that was released with the season.

It appears that Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts have learned a lesson from the Season 1 feedback and are going to release some massive changes to "Apex Legends" with Season 2.

Season 2 is going to change the game

Two "Apex Legends" Season 2 videos have been leaked on June 27, showing us new content that will be added to the game with the next season. One video is a cinematic trailer, while the second one is a gameplay video that shows off map changes, a new weapon, new skins, upcoming features, and much more. These videos haven't been posted by Respawn Entertainment as their official reveal is going to happen at 10 AM Pacific Time on June 27.

A large EMP has detonated, destroying the Repulsor tower.

"Kings Canyon will never be the same," is what the narration states in one of the videos. Kings Canyon has indeed changed, and it has changed drastically. The Leviathans have invaded the map physically and muddy areas have been transformed. They are now lush with greenery, which is a nice change.

There are also a lot of new structures on the map, which can be seen in the gameplay trailer below.

There is a tower-like building with multiple entrances that were shown in the trailer. At the moment, it is unknown if some of these places will become named points of interest, but we should get more information soon.

Release date

Season 2 of "Apex Legends" will be called "Battle Charge" and it is expected to be released on July 2.

By then, we will get much more information about the new content that will be added to the game, and there is no doubt that the video game will once again become incredibly popular among gamers.

Season 1 was disappointing, but everyone is expecting much more from the next season, and it seems that Respawn Entertainment will release a fantastic product. We can expect the game to gain millions of new players and break some major records set by its rivals. New Battle Pass should also be much better, so players will have the incentive to level up and play much longer.