Epic Games has released the v9.30 content update for "Fortnite Battle Royale" on June 25, adding a lot of new content to the popular video game. The official name of the update was "v9.30 Content Update #1" which indicates that there will be more v9.30 content updates. Considering that the development team is taking a two-week summer break, this makes a lot of sense.

Unlike patches, content updates require no client update or server downtime. They are usually smaller updates which make a few changes to the game and use existing game files that were added in major patches.

For example, the Revolver that was released with the latest update was added to the game with the v9.30 patch, it was simply "enabled" with the content update. The Pump Shotgun, one of the most popular weapons in "Fortnite Battle Royale," has also been brought back with it.

Pump Shotgun has been added back

Epic Games had removed the Pump Shotgun from "Fortnite Battle Royale" at the start of Season 9. The video game developer explained that this weapon was used for 26 percent of total eliminations, which was simply too much. Even though there are many other weapons and items players could use to eliminate their enemies, it was clear that the Pump Shotgun was used more frequently than any other item and it was a must-have weapon for every player.

The ninth season of the popular game has removed the Pump Shotgun and replaced it with the Combat Shotgun. While this move made a lot of sense due to the popularity of the Pump Shotgun, it was weird that Epic Games released another semi-automatic shotgun. The Combat version of this close-range weapon has a lower headshot multiplier, but its range is superior to any other shotgun variant.

The Pump Shotgun has been brought back with the v9.30 content update. Players can now use Uncommon (green) and Rare (blue) variants of it in regular playlists, as well as some limited-time game modes. "There’s been a lot of feedback around the Tactical Shotgun and Combat Shotgun effectiveness, and so we’re experimenting with a world where the Pump Shotgun joins the current shotgun lineup," is what the game developer commented on this change.

Beside the shotgun, Epic Games has also unvaulted Shockwave Grenades, Suppressed SMG, and the original Revolver. Another version of the Revolver has been added as well and it comes in Epic and Legendary variants.

Removed items

The latest "Fortnite Battle Royale" update has also vaulted several items. Rare Tactical Assault Rifle has been removed from the game because of the unvaulting of the Suppressed SMG. The "Fortnite" developer has also removed Impulse Grenades, Rift-to-Go, and Pirate Cannon.