"Fortnite: Battle Royale" update v9.30 is already live and leakers are already in the search for new game files added to the game with the latest patch in order to find secret things that Epic Games did not cover in the current patch notes. The latest update has introduced a new item called "Chug Splash" which is a consumable item that gives 20 Health/Shield to players (Allies, Enemies, and Knocked Down Players) standing within the area of the splash.

Boom Bow, Dual Pistols, and Dynamite have also been vaulted and Epic Games finally decided to remove the shotgun delay in this patch.

But aside from all the above-mentioned changes, data miners have also given players a little sneak peek on the upcoming new skins, backblings, gliders, and pickaxes.

New cosmetic item in 'Fortnite'

Here's the list of all the new cosmetic items added to "Fortnite" in update v9.30:


Match Point - Serving with skill.

Nitebeam - Beaming with luminous energy. (This skin has a glow on/off option)

Flare - Burn bright. (This skin also has a glow on/off option)

Singularity - The first and the last.

(This skin has unlockable styles)

Flutter - Take flight.

King Flamingo - Some of us were born to fly.

Heist - Get in.

Get out. Get paid.

Gage - Instigate. Escalate. Overcome.

Pillar - This isn't even my final form.

Summer Drift - Drifting through the sunshine.

Starfish - Queen of the reef

Focus - Visualize the future.

Dare - Dare to dream.'

Bigfoot - Internation man of mystery.

Beach Bomber - Make the beach party bright!

Doublecross - Never turn your back.

Biz - Nothing personal, it's just business

Vector - Control the variables, control the battle.

Back Bling

Lumi Core Green - Don't tap the glass.

Flutter Wings - Float like a butterfly.

Anemone - Pleasantly hypnotic.

Chuck Pack - Wield responsibly.

Color Guard - Forever bold.

Lumi Cored Red - Do not disturb.

Smoothie - Blended banana buddy.

Tiny Totem - Carved in the likeness of victory

Cooler - Pack a snack.

Oozie - Stay hydrated.

Streamline - Streamlined style.

Brave Bag - Brave and blue.

Glow Jet - Rated for all known atmospheres.

Quack Pack - Everybody duck

Floral Shell - Seaside style.

Brite Board - Shred the sunshine.

Harvesting Tools

Conch Cleaver - A gift from the deep.

Splintered Light - Share the light.

Shard Sickle - Harness the mysterious butterfly effect.

Vivid Axe - Brighten the battle.

Wild Tangent - Find the impossible angle

Lawnbreaker - Rule the lawn with an iron beak.

Flycatcher - Never cross a caterpillar.

Low N Slow - Lock in the flavor of victory.

Dual Edge - Slicing through the dimensional planes.

Fixation - Sharp, focused and relentless.


Driftstream - Prepare for interdimensional drift.

Crop Duster - Prepare for the harvest.

Man O War - Behold the splendour of the sea. From a safe distance.

Megabat - Soar with the storm.

Camp Cruiser - It's his now.

Payload - A megaton of smiles.

There's also a new bundle called "Shadow Legends" pack coming to the in-game store soon.

Map changes

After the update, some players have reported that the sea monster is on the move again and has destroyed more buildings on the map. The buildings in Loot Lake have been damaged and the power cord to Neo Tilted has also been damaged.