Epic Games is preparing another weekly update for "Fortnite Battle Royale." The video game developer is about to release the v9.30 update for the popular video game, and players are expecting huge improvements. Once again, Epic will release bug fixes, gameplay and audio improvements, and there will also be a new item added that will be added to the game with the upcoming update.

Season 9 has recently entered its sixth week, meaning that half of it should be already over. However, the "Fortnite" developer has announced plans to make the Fortnite World Cup happen during this season, which means that it will most likely be extended for two weeks.

We can expect the tenth season to start in early August, and the game developer will probably keep releasing weekly updates during the season extension.

New item is coming with the patch

Epic Games has revealed that a new item will come with the v9.30 update. "A refreshing new beverage arrives in the v9.30 update tomorrow, June 18. It'll hit the spot!" is what the video game developer posted on Twitter, announcing the update. Epic has also revealed that the update would once again be released at 4 AM Eastern Time.

The "Fortnite Battle Royale" creator also posted a new in-game feed announcement. This announcement gave us more details about the upcoming item, and now we know that it will be called Chug Splash.

"It pays to share. Keep your squad in the game!" is the description of the item.

At the moment, it is unknown what exactly this item does. However, as soon as the update drops, Epic Games will release patch notes which will contain all the changes that come with the update. The game developer revealed some more information about the update, but there will be a lot more considering this is a major patch and not just a content update.

The update will contain a lot of new games files as well, giving a chance to data miners to extract them and see new things that will be added to the game.

Bug fixes

Epic Games uses the Trello board to keep track of bugs in all three modes of "Fortnite." The board contains all the bugs that have been reported by players and investigated by the team.

According to the board, the next update will fix the bug that makes traps invisible to players. It will also fix the visual glitch where players would have swapped skin in a large party. The visual glitch for completed style challenges from previous seasons will also be fixed.

It is important to note that the game developer will most likely release even more bug fixes with the v9.30 update. However, not all of these bugs and their fixes appear on the Trello board, which is why we will have to wait for the patch notes to come out.