Fortnite” players have been stumbling upon several glitches and bugs in the game on an almost daily basis. With that in mind, a new glitch has been discovered by players that can literally get them unlimited wins in the game.

An easy win exploit

YouTuber OrangeGuy – who’s known for his “Fortnite” glitch/exploit videos, recently uploaded a short clip detailing how to perform the above-mentioned cheese. He pointed out, however, that the wins will not count in the game statistics, but these dubs will be counted on the Fortnite Tracker and other websites that also keep track of players‘ stats.

Per his recent clip, players will need to search for a game of Horde Rush. Once inside the game mode, players will just have to jump off the Battle Bus and leave the game. After leaving the game, players can now wait for their stats to refresh to see if the exploit worked. It can be seen in Orange’s video that the glitch is indeed working as Fortnite Tracker recorded his win that he got courtesy of the exploit.

Could be a new weapon coming to BR

Meanwhile, Epic Games may have just teased a new weapon in the battle royale shooter in the form of the Flare Gun. Per Dexerto, the weapon was featured during their Fortnite Pro-Am event. A short clip showed Jonesy stranded on a small island alongside a small wooden crate with the words “Flare Gun” written on it.

It also showed the weapon’s devastating power as the now bearded character accidentally shot down the Battle Bus eliminating all the passengers on board that eventually got him an unexpected Victory Royale. It is still uncertain, however, if the clip was indeed a tease that the developer will be introducing the item in the game.

Chug Splash revealed

The developer also confirmed a release date for “Fortnite” BR’s V9.30 update. Per the game’s official Twitter page, the new patch will go live today, June 18, though there will be downtime that will begin at 4 AM ET. The game’s daily news update, on the other hand, revealed that the new consumable coming to the game is dubbed as Chug Splash.

The description of the new item reads, “It pays to share. Keep your squad in the game.” It’s not yet sure, though, on how this thing would work, but as its name suggests, it looks like the whole squad will be benefiting from its effects. Prior to this, the tweet also hinted at a “refreshing new beverage” adding that “it’ll hit the spot.” Dexerto even noted that the developer could be introducing a new shield in the BR shooter.

Aside from the Flare Gun and the new shield potion, audio improvements could also be included in the upcoming update alongside some new cosmetics and several tweaks on the map. Other than that, additional intel about the update is pretty much scarce at the moment.