Fortnite” has been known to do collaborations with popular franchises as one of the most recent is “John Wick” where its player base was treated with a new limited time mode (LTM), an in-game activity dubbed Wick’s Bounty, and of course, a John Wick skin. With that in mind, it may well seem that another collab could be in the works if Netflix recent tweets are anything to go by.

Netflix confirms

The video on demand service recently took to Twitter to detail some of the stuff that they are currently working on the gaming side of things. One of the interesting parts on their string of tweets was the one where they revealed the names of the game studios that they are currently working with for their upcoming projects:

  • Roblox
  • Ubisoft
  • Behaviour Interactive
  • Epic Games

Players believe that the battle royale shooter and Netflix’s original series - “Stranger Things” will have a crossover event in the game if the Easter egg on the map is to be based.

For the uninitiated, Epic has added the show’s ice cream parlor – Scoops Ahoy into the game (located in the new POI called Mega Mall).

Fortnite Insider also covered the story noting that it was still unknown at the beginning of Season 9 if the two would be working together albeit the obvious hint. This was somewhat confirmed, however, during Netflix’s E3 panel as its Director of Interactive Games Chris Lee said that there will be a bit more behind it in a few weeks (referring to “Stranger Things” Easter egg in the game).

Shields, Shotguns, and Prop Hunt mode

Meanwhile, Epic has just rolled out “Fortnite’s” V 9.21 patch that implemented several bug fixes in the game.

The latest update also made some tweaks on both of the game’s shields and shotguns. Per the patch notes, the Small Shield Potion’s chest loot drop rate got an increase of 18.13 percent from 16.95 percent. The same thing goes with the Shield Potion that was upped from 11.3 percent to 12.09 percent.

As for the Shotguns, the chances of finding this type of weapon from floor loot also got a 9.77 percent increase from 8.50 percent.

Epic further explained that the change was due to their community’s feedback about its availability in the game.

V 9.21 also introduced the Proximity Grenade Launcher that fires a bouncing projectile that instantly blows up whenever an opponent is nearby. Epic also provided a sneak peek of the upcoming Prop Hunt mode in “Fortnite” during this year’s E3.

The mechanics of the game mode suggest it will be played by two teams. As the name of the mode suggests, one team will be posing as ordinary objects with the help of a weapon known as Prop-o-matic. The opposing team (Hunter team) will be the ones to locate the disguised players and eliminate them.