Destiny 2’s” Season of Opulence has finally arrived alongside some Sandbox changes and new activities. Bungie also added a couple more changes to the patch notes and their player base is pretty much stoked about these tweaks. Also, the developer has just announced the world first victors of the game’s newest raid activity dubbed “Crown of Sorrows.”

Congratulations boys

Bungie took to Twitter to announce that Akada, WNxDelirium, BigBadDave7, Carolina, Punz, and Esoterickk are the first team to complete the Crown of Sorrow raid event. Community Manager Deej congratulated the boys, including other fireteams who participated in the event.

Even the massive “Fortnite” Twitch streamer Turner “Tfue” Tenney was spotted down in the comments as he showed some love to both players and Bungie.

On Glass and subclass matching

As mentioned, Bungie also detailed “D2’s” update where it brought in a ton of changes in the game’s Sandbox. Players, on the other hand, were quick to mention over on Reddit that some changes were not mentioned on the patch notes to which the developer added later on.

One of these tweaks includes strike milestone subclass matching is no longer needed.

That said, players will just have to match the element on that week. There were also several Reddit posts about it and players were delighted about such a move from Bungie. Part of the addendum is that the Glass modifier has been taken off from strikes.

Long been requested

For the uninitiated, the Glass modifier has irked a lot of players and it has long been requested to be removed, especially during the Reckoning’s first tier.

A Reddit post from several months ago stated that the said modifier encourages slow and cautious play to take advantage of the players’ increased regen and made sure players don’t die from their tiny health pool.

The Shadowkeep leak

Meanwhile, the “Destiny” community is pretty much well aware of the recent datamined information about the game’s next expansion as this has been posted over on social media by several leakers. Players were skeptical about it at first, but Kotaku’s Jason Schreier tweeted out that the leak is legit. Per the datamined image, “Destiny’s” next DLC will be dubbed as “Shadowkeep” where players are set to return to the lunar surface. They will be delving into a mysterious enemy citadel and become slayers of nightmares. According to Schreier, Bungie was supposed to unveil the game segment during this Thursday’s livestream.

However, it got spoiled by folks who dug into “D2’s” game files as soon as Season 7 went live. At the time of writing, Bungie hasn’t released a response about the datamined intel.