Details about “Destiny 2’s” upcoming contents have been leaked online and got its player base pretty much hyped about it, not to mention that these were confirmed by reputable folks in the gaming industry. With that in mind, Bungie has responded to this and it looks like they have more to reveal in their upcoming livestream.

All will be revealed today

The developer recently tweeted that they’ll be doing a livestream on their YouTube channel to reveal the game’s next chapter. However, as soon as the new update was rolled out, dataminers dug up the game files and uncovered what could be “Destiny 2’s” Fall expansion - “Shadowkeep” - alongside some interesting stuff like what is believed to be a Catalyst for the Exotic Pulse Rifle – Bad Juju.

As mentioned, Bungie responded to this through a gif image over on Twitter suggesting that there’s more to be revealed during the livestream.

Could be the cross-save feature

Players are musing as to what will be revealed other than the ones that were leaked. There are some, however, who believe that the leaked image of the next DLC could be just a ploy to throw dataminers off the scent. Others have pointed out that Bungie could be referring to the upcoming cross-save feature that was just leaked.

PlayStation 4 ‘still up in the air’

In line with this, Kotaku’s Jason Schreier also took to Twitter to confirm that such feature will be introduced in the game.

He pointed out, though, that Sony’s PlayStation 4 is “still up in the air.” He also stated that “Destiny 2” will also be coming to Google Stadia, but expressed his skepticism about the search engine’s upcoming platform. A friend of his pointed out the benefits of the Stadia port stating that the “thought of being able to log into the game on a MacBook while traveling is kind of appealing.”

Schreier also noted that “D2” will be one of the popular titles that will be ported to Stadia alongside Ubisoft’s “Ghost Recon Breakpoint.” Provided that Google’s streaming platform works as intended, he stated that players can easily play the game through a Google Chrome browser using a Stadia supported device.

The cost of using Google’s upcoming service is yet to be announced, though based on what Schreier heard, he stated that it’s a “combination of subscription and a la carte pricing.”

Another third-person glitch

Meanwhile, “D2’s” latest patch has brought in a new third-person glitch as it can be done in Nessus.

YouTuber glitchtutorial uploaded a short clip showing how to do it. Other areas in the game where the trick can be done include Scourge of the Past, Io, Dreaming City (both weakest and strongest curse), and the Tangled Shore.