"Fortnite Battle Royale" has managed to gather over 250 million players within a year and a half. While the video game is amazing, and Epic Games releases frequent updates for it, the competitive play is another huge reason why it has become so popular. Competitive modes are not only different and more intense, but they also have huge prize pools which is why a lot of gamers have decided to participate in them.

Competitive modes and "Fortnite Battle Royale" tournaments are far from perfect, but the game developer is working on improving them. Besides dealing with lag due to too many players being alive during the end game, mobile and console players are put at a disadvantage.

Every tournament is cross-platform, which means that players are put in the same lobbies, regardless of their platform and input device. However, the "Fortnite" creator will do something about this soon and both console and mobile players will be able to play on a level playing field.

Exclusive tournaments without cross-platform functionality

Epic Games developers have recently held the AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit. Players had a chance to ask them questions about the video game and its future, and developers provided some useful information with their answers. Since the AMA was held in /r/FortniteCompetitive subreddit, most questions were about the competitive play.

Reddit user ItsAtxm asked if there were any plans to make a separate competitive mode for console players.

Colin Fogle, who is in charge of esports design for "Fortnite Battle Royale," responded to the Reddit user. Fogle has revealed that new tournaments will come out, but they will be exclusive to mobile and console players.

"We will be running a few console/mobile specific tournaments in the future, but the majority of tournaments and Arena will continue to be mixed," is what the esports designer answered to ItsAtxm.

This is great news for everyone who plays on mobile devices and on consoles since there is no doubt that PC players have a huge advantage over them in cross-platform lobbies.

Trios and Squads competitive modes

A few weeks ago, data miners have found some game files that indicate the presence of competitive modes for three and four players.

At the moment, the Arena mode only has Solo and Duo playlists, but it turns out that more competitive playlists will be added in the future.

"Trios/Squads coming soon but don’t have a date - will be after the Online Opens wrap up though," Fogle posted in the Reddit AMA thread. Considering that a lot of "Fortnite Battle Royale" players enjoy Squads and that the Trios limited-time game mode has received positive feedback, this will be a great addition to the Arena mode.