Bungie has officially announced “Destiny 2’s” Season of Opulence and it includes a new six-man match activity dubbed the Menagerie. The new "This Week at Bungie" blog post just came out where it detailed what’s ahead for the game alongside some upcoming weapon buffs for fusion rifles, swords, and even for the Exotics Sturm and Drang.

Fusion rifle buffs

Community Manager Cozmo was in charge for this week’s TWAB and he revealed the above-mentioned weapon tweaks. He stated that the non-Exotic fusion rifles will be getting the most buffs to make them more effective.

Exotics (Merciless, Jötunn, and Telesto) also got some minor buffs (less than 5 percent each) as Cozmo explained that it’s “due to inheriting from their Legendary counterparts,” adding that they want to narrow the gap between the Exotics and Legendary fusion rifles at least in PvE:

Non-Exotic fusion rifles’ damage buffs in PvE

  • High Impact increased by 30 percent
  • Both Precision and Adaptive were also upped by 44 percent
  • Rapid Fire increased by 47 percent

Sturm and Drang too

As for the Exotics Sturm and Drang, the weapon perk, Storm and Stress’ maximum overcharge rounds will be increased to 99, not to mention that the Overcharge damage of this Exotic duo in PvE got a 100 percent increase. Bungie also made a bit of a QoL improvement as the text on the Sturm Overcharge buff will now show the number of overcharge rounds.

Sword tweaks

Swords will also get some buffs in Season of Opulence as it was stated on the post that these melee weapons will be getting an increase in ammo capacity (70). Cozmo pointed out though, that the cost of heavy attacks was also upped to encourage their player base to mix it with some light attacks instead of repeatedly using heavy attacks:

  • Starting ammo increased by 10
  • The ground and aerial projectile ammo cost for the Black Talon Exotic sword was upped from three to four. The same thing goes with the Adaptive Frame’s ground uppercut ammo cost.

Aggressive Frame

  • Slam attack ammo cost increased from three to four
  • Both light and slam attacks are now consolidated into a single damage event
  • Players can now lunge at a target with the sword’s aerial light attack

Lightweight Frame

  • Ground light and dash attacks were increased by 17 and 87 percent respectively.
  • Ammo cost for the Ground dash attack was also increased from two to three.
  • Aerial light attack got nerfed by 21 percent, though its dash attack got a 78 percent increase.
  • No ammo aerial light attack was decreased by 49 percent, while all other no ammo attacks got a nerf of up to 15 percent.

“Destiny 2’s” Season of Opulence will officially kick off on June 4 alongside the Crown of Sorrows raid event that will go live six hours after Season 7’s launch.