Prior to Bungie’s big reveal detailing the future of “Destiny 2,” dataminers have already dug deep into the game files and discovered a lot of interesting stuff. That said, leakers are back at it again as they’ve come across information about the upcoming Solstice of Heroes event that will go live later next month.

Three new tiers, armor upgrade requisites

Reddit user u/javano_ took to r/DestinyTheGame to show what he just data mined regarding the in-game event. If his lengthy Reddit post is anything to go by, this year’s Solstice of Heroes armor pieces will come in three new tiers:

  • Drained (Uncommon)
  • Renewed (Rare)
  • Majestic (Legendary)

The post also includes the upgrade requirements for all of the upcoming Solstice armor.

Reading through the post, it may well seem that it revealed the name of the new floating island within the European Dead Zone – the European Aerial Zone. The OP claims that the new area will be used for meditation and combat drills, adding that this might be the new home for the Solstice event.

Dmg on Iron Banner and other D2 stuff

Community Manager Dmg, on the other hand, revealed over on the same subreddit that they are looking at players’ feedback about getting past Iron Banner ornaments. He stated that “they got some internally before shipping,” adding that they’ll be seeing what comes in over the season.

He went on stating that they want to make sure that Year One players had their efforts honored, though they recognize the pain point of new and returning players that would also like to acquire those ornaments.

In line with this, he also stated that ornaments can only be applied to Season of Opulence sets. This came after someone asked if they could put ornaments on all other Iron Banner gear from Year Two.

He assured players, however, that he’ll be passing along the feedback on their other Y2 sets. Dmg even confirmed that the Legendary Fusion Rifle – Wizened Rebuke will be available for everyone in Iron Banner packages.

He also revealed that they’re currently working on a fix for an issue involving Crown of Sorrow’s Gahlran. For the uninitiated, players who were unable to wipe before the final boss, the switches that turn off/on the witch’s blessing will no longer respawn after a single use.

Dmg added that they’ll be implementing a fix for this issue early next month.

As for the Allegiance Quest bug (Guardians are still unable to bribe Spider), the community manager stated that it is still under investigation. The same thing goes with the ongoing Gauntlet glitch. Bungie also addressed other ongoing issues in “Destiny 2:”

  • 404 errors on
  • Opulence weekly bounties where the bounties being offered by Benedict 99-40 does not reward players with powerful loot.
  • An issue with the Queen of Hearts ship where it can’t be reacquired by players from Collections when purchased from the Eververse.
  • Chests on the Pleasure Barge that got reset at Sunday’s daily reset instead of Tuesday’s weekly reset.