FromSoftware’s upcoming game brings something big and news. The company’s next big video game features a high-profile relationship with "Game of Thrones" author George R.R. Martin. Game developer FromSoftware, the maker of the critically-acclaimed action RPG "Dark Souls," is about to bring another "Souls"-like game with some new features and systems.

The first reveal trailer throws up more questions and excitement to the payers, but it looks to feature more than the previous FromSoftware’s hits. Drawing some inspiration from George R.R. Martin’s mythological influences, players could expect more compelling characters than the previous FromSoftware’s hits.

What to expect from the latest game 'Elden Ring'

The new video game made its first official reveal trailer during the Xbox E3 2019 event. During the recent Xbox event, it was revealed to the public that it will focus more on RPG elements, featuring a larger gaming world, action mechanics and new systems.

In a recent interview with gaming site IGN, FromSoftware’s Hidetaka Miyazaki revealed that the new "Elden Ring," which is described by the developer as a third-person action RPG, will be more open and vast. He described the upcoming game as a natural evolution of "Dark Souls." Miyazaki also added that the new game will retain the challenging combat and boss fight the company is known for. The new game‘s gameplay and mechanics are designed with a strong focus on the open-world environment, a huge shift from Miyazaki’s previous blockbuster hits.

But unlike its action adventure game "Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice," "Elden Ring" will not have a fixed main character and its dungeons aren’t interconnected, the developer added. The only big thing that is similar to Sekiro is the NPCs, which the developer said they enjoyed, giving more focus on NPCs on Sekiro.

Despite the big similarities with "Dark Souls," players shouldn’t expect the new game to be identical to "Dark Souls." Instead, players should expect a new game, an evolution of the critically-acclaimed hit "Dark Souls." First revealed at E3 2019 event, the "Elden Ring’s" release date has yet to be announced by the developer.

But it’s coming across all major gaming platforms, the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Watch the trailer below to get more about this new game.

FromSoftware to limit developing VR games

In other FromSoftware-related stories, the gaming company said that it has no plans to release more virtual reality (VR) games. The big announcement came after the release of its VR game "Deracine," which released for the PSVR last year.

However, "Deracine" received a mixed reception after it first released to the market.

In a recent interview with gaming website Destructoid, FromSoftware’s Producer Masanori Takeuchi made some important revelations about game development for the VR platform. Takeuchi explained the many challenges and technical limitations they encountered in developing a game for the platform.

First released in November 2018, "Deracine" is a virtual reality adventure game. The game was developed by FromSoftware and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) for Sony’s PSVR platform.