The Exotic rocket launcher from “Destiny” - the Truth is making a comeback in “D2” as players are grinding to get it through an Exotic quest. Just a few hours from being released, however, players have stumbled upon what could be a glitch that could save them some time in getting the returning weapon.

The Exotic quest’s time-saving glitch

Forbes’ Paul Tassi was among the first to discover the glitch and he’s pretty much musing as to why Bungie would organize it in that manner. The steps are quite easy:

  • Players will have to beat the new Menagerie boss for this week named Arunak (this baddie is easy according to Tassi)
  • After eliminating the Menagerie boss, players need to head over to Petra Venj and complete the Ascendant Chest bounty (this week, it’s located in the Bay of Drowned Wishes).

Players will then be getting another mission to decipher four map fragments that will be found on that area (A Map Asunder quest step).

Guardians are required to explore planets and do some jumping puzzles, figure out some clues, and stack themselves with Tincture of Queensfoil to become Ascendant.

However, as mentioned, there’s some sort of a glitch right now involving the quest step as all of the four maps that were supposed to be decoded are already available on Petra. Just exit out of the vendor and go back afterwards. For those who still want to take the long path the map fragment quest steps include:

  • While Ascendant, players will have to defeat combatants on Nessus with a Rocket Launcher
  • Defeating Hive on the Tangled Shore
  • Players need to find a badge of a downed Corsair inside the Dreaming City and return it to any Corsair outpost
  • Completing Nightfall strikes while players are influenced by a power handicap of 100. Using rocket launchers in this strike is also a requisite.

At the time of writing, this time-saving glitch is still in the game and Bungie has yet to address this discovery.

Bungie on cross-play

Meanwhile, Bungie confirmed on their E3 panel that cross-platform progression will also be available in “Destiny 2.” The game’s General Manager Mark Noseworthy, pointed out though, that access to paid DLCs is not included. That said, players will have to purchase the game’s expansions on each of the platforms.

For folks who are asking about cross-play, Noseworthy tweeted out that such feature is something that they are interested in doing in the future. However, he stated that they’ve got a lot on their plate to chew through first.

His tweet also stated that Google’s Stadia does not make implementing cross-play any harder. This came after Kotaku’s Jason Schreier also revealed on Twitter that Bungie wants the feature to drop in the game, but they are met with technical issues, adding that the upcoming platform “makes it tough too.”