Fans of the "NCAA Football" series might soon be able to scratch an itch that has been bothering them for years. The former long-running series by EA Sports hasn't had a new addition since 2013. Now it looks as though a Canadian video game company is looking to step into the void left by the much-loved franchise.

"Maximum-Football 2019" is the second installment of a new football series that is certainly on the outside looking in when it comes to the popularity of what EA Sports can produce. In the second year of its franchise, the developers, Canuck Play is attempting to lure in gamers by offering a college football mode.

Around the video game expo E3, the developers, who are a team of exactly two, released new photos and footage of what they are going to be bringing to the Xbox One and PS4 this fall. Those who are devoted players of the "NCAA Football" franchise are likely to see something very similar in this new game. Officially titled, "Doug Flutie's Maximum Football 2019," the development team of two clearly understands its audience.

A blast from the past

Checking out the screens from the new college dynasty mode, it's clear the devs have based the framework on what they saw in the "NCAA Football" series. A side by side comparison would likely make it pretty hard to tell the difference.

There's the ability to recruit players based on their initial interest in the school, make sure players are following team rules like making sure everyone is going to class.

The development team has said there are going to be 130 teams to play with.

Those who want to see what the friends up north look like when they play football, there will also be the option to play Canadian football with 27 teams. There are a few catches when it comes to starting a new dynasty in "Maximum Football 2019."

Getting around NCAA rules

The one drawback to the game is that none of the teams go by real names.

The pictures that were released show the Michigan Majesty taking on the Tampa Bay Stallions. That certainly isn't a deal breaker though.

Even the original "NCAA Football" games couldn't include real players. Instead, the games would have the real teams, but offer up players that simply went by a number. It was up to the fanbase to input the real names of the players.

The creators of "Maximum Football 2019" have assured those interested that customization options will be vast and widespread. In the official release that hit the web last week, Canuck Play made it clear people will be able to recreate the real NCAA world. "Create your own football universe! Customize your team information, rosters and uniforms!"

There is also the promise of being able to make your own logos, further ensuring the Michigan Wolverines, rather than the Majesty will be able to take the field. The small development team has a big task on its hand and everyone hoping for a perfect clone of "NCAA Football 2014" from "Maximum Football 2019" will likely be disappointed. On the flipside, the game, due to land on the Xbox One and PS4, this September could definitely scratch a long-running itch.