Studio Wildcard’s latest installment of their Community Crunch blog post has just announced that they are bringing back the auto-decay timer in “ARK: Survival Evolved.” This alongside other concerns that were addressed by the developer on their Social Roundup segment include mods on console and meshing.

Back next week

According to the blog post, Wildcard will be reinstating the auto-decay feature next Tuesday, May 21. The developer further explained that their Customer Support was able to address several issues that were as a result of last month’s incident.

They also gave a heads up to those Survivors who haven’t logged into the game recently that if their structure is over the timer limit, it will be automatically removed by the time the servers restart with the timer re-enabled. However, if a player has refreshed his/her base within the last ~8 days (more or less as it depends on the type of structure), the structures will be safe from getting wiped.

For the uninitiated, about a month ago, Wildcard rolled out a game tweak that resulted in some of the Survivors’ vaults to be destroyed and items getting lost. Upon realizing the extent of the problem, the developer has decided to roll back the game’s Official Server Network. This decision then resulted in the rapid increase of support tickets coming from players which prompted them to temporarily disable the auto-decay timer for both Xbox and PC for Wildcard’s Customer Support to have more time in addressing the influx of tickets.

Mods on console and meshing

Meanwhile, this week’s Social Roundup touched the topic of mods on the console as this is one of the most talked about subjects in “ARK.” Per Wildcard, they know the feeling to see awesome mods being made by folks on PC, though these are not rolled out to PlayStation 4 or Xbox. The developer pointed out, however, that there are rare instances that these mods get added into the game like Ragnarok, Primitive, and Structure Plus.

They went on stating that getting something from a working state into a finished product would undergo a very long process adding that not every mod that goes through “ARK’s” Sponsored Mod Program will be automatically included in the game.

Lead Community Manager Ced, on the other hand, addressed the meshing issue in “ARK” which has been an ongoing issue in the game.

This after several players over on Twitter expressed their ire about it as some of them suggested to put up a so-called death barrier under the map. According to him, fixing it “is more of an expertise thing” adding that there will be people within the dev team that specialize in that area. As for the death barrier, Ced, responded that it will not solve the game’s meshing problem as players still mesh on “Extinction.” He also pointed out that there’s something in the game that flags users who utilize these areas of the map, though it does not auto-kill nor auto-teleport these players.