"Fortnite: Battle Royale's" recent patch v9.10 has brought tons of new data to the game and majority of the new content that was added to the game are cosmetic items, specifically, new outfits and styles. Players have already seen two new skins, Clutch and Grind, that were released as the part of "Fortnite X Jordan" collaboration, but now data miners have revealed that a new set of outfits having multiple styles have been mined from the game files and they are weird and cute.

The Dumpling outfit

The first weird skin from the list of unannounced skins is the "Dumpling" outfit.

"Fortnite: Battle Royale" is known for having strange customization styles for players, ranging from demons and devils to futuristic robots, but this new skin takes the customization game a step further. The new skin will be officially called the "Bao Bros" and, as the name suggests, the outfit is going to have a few customization styles. Data miner "Skin-Tracker" has revealed that the new skin will have a total of four styles based on stuffings such as Veggie, Pork, Beef, and Shrimp. Here's the first look at Bao Bros outfit:

As you can see, the Bao Bros set also contains its unique back bling called the "Bao Basket" and a "Souped up" harvesting tool.

Masked and dog outfits

Next up, two new masked skins, which will also have unmasked styles, are also headed for "Fortnite: Battle Royale." The female version of the masked skin is called "Sandstorm," while the male variant of the outfit is called "Scimitar" and both of them give off a Prince of Persian vibe.

Both of these skins look like they are worth at least of Epic rarity but it turns out that they are Rare-tier skins which means that they will cost around 1200 Vbucks each (In case they are not in a bundle) and I think it's a steal.

Just when "Fortnite" players thought that Epic Games reached the peak of weird skins by releasing the Fishstick skin, here comes another strange humanoid pug skin called "Doggo" and unsurprisingly the outfit is described as "Who's a good boy?" The dog outfit is an Epic-tier skin with its own dog bowl back bling called "Chow Down" and a "Chew Toy" harvesting tool.

The Doggo set will also have its unique weapon wrap called "Ruff."

Both the masked warrior skin set and the Doggo set can be seen in the leaked loading screen for the next couple of weeks, so it is quite possible that these outfits will appear in item show in this week or next week.

Xbox bundle skin

Last but not least, Xbox players will be getting an exclusive skin called the "Dark Vertex" which is a Legendary-Tier ski The Xbox bundle will also feature a Dark Deflector back bling, Dark Forerunner glider, and Dark Razon pickaxe.