Bungie has just rolled out the details about the upcoming changes in “Destiny 2’s” Season of Opulence which includes a new raid mechanic and updates regarding the Eververse. The developer also addressed other concerns of their player base that were not included in the latest This Week at Bungie blog post.

One of the topics that were discussed is about players being forced to track a quest after they’ve completed a quest step. This was brought to light by a Reddit user over on r/DestinyTheGame alongside his frustration about it.

On quest tracking

According to Community Manager Dmg, they are aware of such feedback adding that it is not a bug where it prevents the game tracking feature from working.

Instead, it is some “wake from the way in which quests evolved from ‘D1’ to ‘D2.’” He further explained that the UI backend of quests going from step to step has altered between titles, therefore the feature was not applied from step to step.

Dmg added that it might take a while for the dev team to devise a tweak that would address it, though he pointed out that they’ll be looking at it for future updates. He went on stating they’ll provide an update whenever it arises, but until then, players will just have to bear the current setup.

Account scoped

He also touched the topic of Exotic Quests being “account scoped” instead of it being on a per character basis. Dmg stated that Bungie also got feedback about players not wanting to run an activity several times on each of their characters.

Cozmo, on the other hand, tweeted out that he’ll be in charge for next week’s TWAB and gave a heads up on what to expect from it:

  • Sandbox buffs
  • Additional Season of Opulence intel
  • Pinnacle weapons preview

He also stated in another tweet that the feedback regarding the recent nerf has been relayed to the dev team adding that they’ll be updating players if new information arises.

He also confirmed that the new six-man activity, come Season 7, can be launched from the director.

Level playing field

Alongside TWAB, Luke Smith released a World First Update regarding the upcoming raid event – Crown of Sorrow.

According to Smith, the new raid event will be launched on Tuesday, June 4 at 4 P.M. Pacific as players will be experiencing an “enforced challenge throughout the raid.” CoS will have a mode dubbed as Contest that will be activated during the first 24 hours of the raid. While this is active, players with higher power levels will have no advantage for a given fight. The contest will then be deactivated after the first 24 hours and the usual Power/Raid relationship will be reinstated. Smith went on stating that they might launch future raids with Contest active if their dry run goes well.