The ninth season of "Fortnite: Battle Royale" was released less than a week ago and it introduced a lot of new modifications to the map, vaulted a lot of weapons, and added some new features to the game. Along with all those changes, "Fortnite" update v9.0 also made a minor change to the Health and Shield Bars. Some players may have not even noticed it but after the latest patch, damage to the Shield and Health both show up as red color on the Health and Shield Bars. Though this change is not a major issue the game is currently facing, some players have reported that it is confusing them during playing matches and that it's affecting their gameplay.

Epic Games' response to the change

The problem was first reported by a user on the official subreddit of "Fortnite: Battle Royale" and has since attracted a lot of other people who are facing the same issue. Damage to the Shield used to be in a different color than that of Health but after the latest update, players are not able to distinguish between them. One player specified the muddle by saying that "Shield also goes down in red, it always makes me think I'm getting lasered and I'm about to die, but I really got hit for almost nothing."

Players now think that their Health Bar is getting depleted, even though a negligible amount of damage is dealt to their Shield. Epic responded to the issue by saying that "We are tweaking this.

Same color for health and shield is confusing." Though the date for the change is not mentioned, it's probably going to be fixed in the next update.

Accidental changes in this week

"Fortnite: Battle Royale" is known for making accidental changes to the game and this time, it's the map that has been changed a bit. Famous "Fortnite" leaker Lucas7Yoshi posted an in-game screenshot of "Fortnite" which shows that a mound has been raised in the river located west of Fatal Field.

Some players think that it might be an official change to the map because it has appeared in the minimap, but the leaker has since clarified that the minimap is rendered from the map so the minor change to the map might just be a slip-up by an Epic employee.

The map change wasn't the only mistake made this week. Epic Games also made an accidental announcement in the in-game newsfeed about a mega sale. The huge sale announcement mentioned that any player who signs up for the Two-Factor Authentication on their Epic account will be eligible for free $10 credit that they can spend in the Epic Games Store.

The announcement has since been removed from the in-game news feed and Epic Games issued a statement on the official "Fortnite" Twitter account by saying that a sale is in works but it hasn't launched yet.