Even though Season 9 of "Fortnite Battle Royale" has been out for less than a week, Epic Games is already working on new updates that will be released during the season. Despite the fact that some players don't like constant updates, the game developer keeps releasing them on a weekly basis. After all, this is what made "Fortnite's" PvP mode so popular, and it has set the bar really high for other video games.

The ninth season of the popular video game has brought a lot of changes, forcing players to change the way they play the game. Pump Shotgun, the most popular weapon in "Fortnite Battle Royale," has been vaulted, and Epic Games added some modern-looking points of interest to the in-game island as well.

Combat Shotgun was a new weapon that was added at the start of the season, but it turns out that the game creator is working on another weapon that will be released to the game soon.

Tactical Assault Rifle is coming to Fortnite

Tactical Assault Rifle has been recovered by data miners and Epic Games has hinted at it with the Season 9 promo art. Vendetta, the tier 100 character of the current Battle Pass, is holding this gun in the main loading screen, which indicates that it will be added to the game at a certain point of the season. The "Fortnite Battle Royale" developer has done the same thing in Season 8 by adding every weapon from the main loading screen into the game.

At the start of the ninth season, Epic Games had vaulted the Suppressed Assault Rifle and the Thermal Assault Rifle, making some space for the upcoming weapon to be added to the game.

The Tactical Assault Rifle will have a scope, which may be thermal, but it won't have a suppressor. However, players expect it to be a viable weapon which will be a good alternative to other rifles that are currently in the game.

StormShieldOne has successfully extracted the weapon stats from the game data, and now we know how powerful the Tactical Assault Rifle is going to be.

Its stats don't look too amazing right now, but there is a chance that the rifle will have some perks which will make it more useful in the combat.

The weapon stats

According to the website, the weapon will come in three different variants: Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The Rare variant will have a base damage of 22 with the reload time of 2.2 seconds.

The Epic variant will deal 23 damage and its reload time will be 2.09 seconds. Players will deal 24 points of damage with the best variant of this weapon, and its reload time will be only 1.98 seconds.

Every variant of the weapon will fire seven bullets per second, which is much faster than 5.5 bullets from the Legendary Assault Rifle. In addition, the weapon will have 30 bullets in a magazine for all of its variants.