Epic Games has recently released the v9.00 patch for "Fortnite Battle Royale" which has brought the ninth season of the popular video game. The update was huge as players have received numerous changes to the game and some cool new places on the island. However, the video game developer will add even more content to the game soon, and one change has already been confirmed.

Data miners have found a lot of interesting files in the game data which show us some things that will be added to "Fortnite Battle Royale" in the current season. Epic Games has also hinted at several things, such as the Tactical Assault Rifle, and we also know one change that will come in the next patch.

The "Fortnite" creator announced a big change to the Item Shop, and this change is scheduled to be released with the v9.10 patch.

The Item Shop addition

The upcoming "Fortnite Battle Royale" Item Shop change will affect all purchases made by players. At the moment, players don't have a confirmation button for purchases, which is a big problem. A lot of players have bought some items by accident, which is why Epic Games has given everyone three lifetime refunds. By using these refunds, players will get their V-Bucks back for purchasing certain items and those items will be removed from their lockers.

However, the Item Shop change will make it much easier to refund items. Daniel Vogel, Epic's VP of engineering, has confirmed that the "Undo Purchase" button is coming and it is planned to be released with the v9.10 patch.

Epic Games had already revealed what this button will be like, and there is no doubt that it will solve many problems players have to deal with right now.

The button will allow players to get a complete refund for their cosmetic items purchased within five minutes. However, if players start a match after purchasing some items, they will not be able to undo the purchase.

This seems like a reasonable solution as it will completely solve the problem with accidental purchases while also preventing players from "renting" cosmetic items and then getting full refunds after using them.

The patch release date

Considering that the v9.00 patch was released on Thursday, May 9, we can expect upcoming updates to be released on Thursdays.

However, the next update will most likely be the v9.00 Content Update, released on May 16, and the v9.10 patch will be released a week after that, on May 23.

At the moment, the Item Shop change is the only addition that was confirmed by Epic Games, but there are many other things that could be added with the patch too. Some of these include the Tactical Assault Rifle and the exclusive John Wick limited-time game mode.