Season 9 of "Fortnite Battle Royale" was released on May 9 and it has brought a lot of new content to the popular video game. Epic Games has once again made some massive changes to the in-game island, as well as some gameplay changes that have forced players to change the way they play the game. However, the video game developer is not done making changes to "Fortnite" as it's preparing another weapon to release very soon.

Constant updates are a big reason why "Fortnite Battle Royale" has become as popular as it is now, and Epic Games will keep releasing them on a weekly basis.

A brand new weapon will be released to the game soon, and it will be another assault rifle. The "Fortnite" developer has hinted at it with the Season 9 promo art, and the weapon has also been found in the game data. Considering that the video game creator has vaulted eight weapons at the start of the ninth season, it makes sense that more weapons come to the game during the season.

New assault rifle is coming soon

Epic Games vaulted the Suppressed Assault Rifle and the Thermal Assault Rifle at the start of Season 9. This change makes a lot of sense considering that these two weapons haven't been used much by players, even though they were decent. However, the game developer probably removed them because another weapon is supposed to replace them and it will be interesting to see how good the new rifle is going to be.

According to StormShieldOne, the new gun will be available in three rarities; Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The Tactical Assault Rifle will deal 22/23/24 damage respectively and its magazine will hold 30 bullets. One surprising thing about this weapon is that it will use Light Ammo. Every other assault rifle in the game uses Medium Ammo, which makes it extremely valuable.

Light Ammo is primarily used by submachine guns.

The Tactical Assault Rifle will fire seven bullets per second, which means that its DPS will be 168. In comparison, the Legendary Assault Rifle (SCAR) has a DPS of 198 as it deals 36 damage and fires 5.5 bullets per second. In terms of damage, the new weapon will be worse than the regular Assault Rifle, however, its reload time is faster and it has a scope, which should make up for the lack of damage.

Epic Games hints at the new weapon

Epic Games has hinted at the Tactical Assault Rifle with the Season 9 promo art. The main splash screen of the season shows Vendetta, the tier 100 character, holding the new weapon. The video game developer has done this in Season 8 of "Fortnite Battle Royale" as well since the main screen included the Flint-Knock Pistol, the Boom Bow, and a few other items that have been eventually added to the game.