Bungie has just deployed a new update (2.2.2) in “Destiny 2” where it brought in several changes in the game’s sandbox alongside some fixes to some of the online-only shooter’s long-standing issues. To everyone’s surprise, the patch also rolled out an Exotic quest for the Outbreak Prime/Perfected which is a well-known pulse rifle back in “D1.” Players are now trying to complete the quest steps, though some of them are still trying to figure out how to get pass through a door that leads to a room where the item known as the Fallen Transponder is located.

Fallen Transponder and the Exotic Quest steps

The same thing happened to “Destiny 2” YouTuber Mesa Sean, though he and his team, later on, solved the problem. In his recent video, he said that players will have to complete the mission dubbed Enemy of my Enemy which is part of the Rat King quest. After completing it, Guardians need to head back to Sloane as she will give out a Legendary Engram. He also pointed out that at the end of the mission, players will have to leave the Fallen Captain (Mithrax, The Forsaken) alive. From there, players can now begin the daily heroic adventure over on Titan (Bad Neighbors) to finally get the Fallen Transponder.

In line with this, Reddit user u/Nyxara alongside other members of r/DestinyTheGame provided the locations of the six nodes in the new Exotic quest:

  • First node – Located at The Drain in the EDZ (Metal Captain)
  • Second – It's at the Whispered Falls also in the EDZ (Drained Captain)
  • Third – At the Atrium in the EDZ (Outcast Captain)
  • Fourth – Widow’s Walk in the EDZ (Lost Captain)
  • Fifth – The Carrion Pit on Nessus (Nariks Reborn)
  • Sixth – The Rift also located on Nessus (Tattered Dusk Captain)

Polygon also covered the story and according to them, once all the nodes have been obtained, players will find a message in the Fallen Transponder before returning to The Farm.

Once there, players will have to turn right and they’ll come across an open cellar which is attached to the big barn. They’ll find Mithrax down in the cellar and Guardians need to squad up before talking to the Fallen captain.

As for the quest’s final mission (Zero Hour), players will have 20 minutes to complete it, not to mention that each member of the Fireteam must be at 680 or higher.

Once the final boss is eliminated, Guardians will be rewarded with the Outbreak Perfected.

Unlocking the Catalyst

The Exotic’s Catalyst, the weapon will generate Orbs on multikills and gain a tracker that displays the number of enemies that were eliminated with it. It was also stated that Outbreak Perfected’s Masterworked variant will also get an additional perk.

To unlock it, players need to complete these:

  • Land precision final blows using the weapon
  • Obtain SIVA particulate from the Zero Hour activity.

“D2” Twitch streamer Gladd tweeted out that players get 20 percent completion if they opt to run the Heroic version of Zero Hour.