Apex Legends” players are well acquainted with the fact that the game is plagued with cheaters and this has frustrated most of them for the longest time. With that in mind, it looks like more of them will be pouring in as the game’s publisher – Electronic Arts recently revealed its plans for Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale shooter.

Releasing the game in China

According to Dexerto, there’s already a confirmation from EA the “Apex” will be released in China albeit the fact that a lot of players there are taking advantage of cheats to win in a game.

It was made known on May 7 during the company’s conference call, where they talked about what’s ahead for their major assets as this include the popular BR title.

Apex on mobile

Niko Partners Senior Analyst Daniel Ahmad (@ZhugeEX) took to Twitter to reveal the announcement, adding that the game will also be rolled out to mobile devices. Ahmad also stated in his tweet that “Apex” could be launched in China via Tencent which is a massive conglomerate in that country that published games such as “PUBG,” “League of Legends,” and even “Fortnite.”

Respawn taking action against cheaters

About a week ago, Respawn provided an update regarding their anti-cheat for “Apex Legends” on PC.

The developer stated that they’ve been “attacking” it from every angle – from improvements in cheater detection, reinforcing their resources and tools, to further improving their processes that battle both cheaters and sellers in the game. They’ve even bulleted some of the progress that they’ve made so far in detecting cheaters:

  • An in-game reporting tool that allowed them to discover both previously undetected and new cheats
  • Matches on PC that were impacted by these cheaters were trimmed to over a half in the past month
  • Banning of over 4,000 cheat seller accounts in the last 20 days
  • 300,000 account creations being blocked
  • 770,000 players already got banned

In line with this, players have already suggested to region lock China to further lower down the instances of cheating in the game.

However, Respawn pointed out that such a move won’t completely stop the cheaters as they are expected to use VPNs to bypass the region lock.

Stat tracking suggestion

In other Apex-related topics, players have also clamored for the implementation of a better stat tracking system in the game. A lot of these stat tracking suggestions have been posted over on the game’s subreddit where it featured UI concepts for both player/leaderboard and weapon stats.

As of late, stat tracking in “Apex” is on a per character basis where a player will have to go through several menus just to get their overall kill count.