A week ago, Studio Wildcard introduced their latest addition to their Community Crunch blog post called the "Social Roundup" where it is geared to show Survivors some of the social activity involving “ARK: Survival Evolved” they might be otherwise missing. In this week’s blog, it featured several concerns being brought to light by the “ARK” community and these include Primitive Plus supply drops, PvE and PvP balance, wiping official servers, and players’ ideas for new content.

Primitive Plus supply drops

Community Manager Ced tweeted out that they are still working on an issue where the supply drops are not spawning in Prim+.

He further explained that it’s a weird issue that they haven’t nailed down yet, though they are hoping that a fix would be deployed in the next update. In line with this, he also stated that they’ve rolled out a PS4 patch that resolved issues for the newly placed Primitive Plus forges.

PvE PvP balance

Wildcard also addressed the PvP and PvE balances in the game. This after someone in the forums stated that the balances between game mechanics and the dinosaurs on the mentioned game modes should be separate, adding that the multiple balances that were done in PvE made it nothing but difficult. Per the developer, they look for ways to engage both PvP and PvE players equally, though they pointed out that there are instances that the tweaks they’ve made may have “unintended consequences” for the two game modes.

As of late, they are offering different ways for Survivors to customize “ARK” as they believe that their community should play the game their own way. Wildcard explained, however, that playing on their official network would mean that massive changes are made across the board and facilitating such tweaks to a single dinosaur will be a huge undertaking.

The developer went assuring their player base that they will keep in mind the balance between the two modes as they continue to make future contents for “ARK.”

Wiping official servers

The idea of wiping the game’s official servers was also touched by Wildcard as they stated that they try to veer away from it at all cost adding that it’s not even being considered.

They do recognize though, the long-time players who invested numerous hours in the game and the rush that Survivors get whenever they start from scratch. They advised the pro wipe players to try the ARKpocalypse as its servers do a monthly wipe.

A suggestion to vault dinos

Meanwhile, someone pitched in an idea in which the player believes that it would “defiantly be one step to growing “ARK” even more” and constantly usher in new content in the game. According to the OP, “vaulting” the less popular dinos and bring in some new ones, similar to the one being done in “Fortnite” where Epic vaults the old guns and introduces new weapons, would be good for the game. The player also suggested a TLC until all the dinos in “ARK” are fully up to date if the vaulting idea is not possible.

Wildcard appreciated the suggestion and stated that they are excited about the game’s upcoming content and are looking forward to rolling out some intel about it in the future.