"Fortnite: Battle Royale's" season 8 major event, called "The Unvaulting," took place recently and it has introduced a lot of changes to the map before the beginning of a new season. The whole event can be broken down into two events because the actual "Unvaulting" took place in a mysterious place, outside of the Battle Royale Island. After the "Unvaulting," the Volcano eruption event, which was being teased for almost a few weeks now, was also set in motion taking out a few parts of the battle royale map with it.

Unvaulting in 'Fortnite'

Unlike other major events that took place in "Fortnite," the Unvaulting event wasn't exactly announced on the social media handles of Epic Games, although twenty-four hours prior to the event, a strange countdown appeared over the mysterious space-ship like hatch in Loot Lake.

Once the countdown struck zero, the hatch in the Loot Lake opened up, emitting a strange light from the inside. Soon after, players were transported to a mysterious dimension and six items, that were vaulted previously, were located there, encased in glass.

"Fortnite" leakers were able to predict this event, so the enormous player base had decided that all of them would vote for the Drum Gun and bring it back to the game. However, one or two players could be seen struggling to break open the X-4 Stormwing plane or the Bouncer, but all in vain. There was also a giant mysterious orb located near the encased item in the other dimension.

After players managed to unvault the Drum Gun, they were sent back to the main Battle Royale island and the Volcano eruption took place at the exact same time.

The sky darkened with ashes from the Volcano and giant fireballs from the Volcano were sent across the map, leveling Tilted Towers and Retail Row.

Now Tilted Towers, which is one of the most popular landmarks in "Fortnite," where players love to land due to high amounts of loot in wrecks, it will be hard to find a place where a lot of players will be dropping at the same time.

Free Arcana Glider

Unfortunately, a lot of players were not able to experience the Unvaulting event due to some bug in the game and since then players have reported that they were not able to vote due to the bug. Epic Games has apologized to players who were not able to witness the event and announced that they will be giving away the Arcana Glider for free as compensation to those players the joined the "Unvaulting" playlist but were not able to see the event.

And those players that have purchased the cosmetic item with V-Bucks will be refunded as well.

Currently, the tenth week of "Fortnite" season 8 is live along with extra overtime challenges that reward Battle Pass players with extra customization styles for some of the Battle pass skins. There are less than five days left until this season ends so make sure that you have unlocked all 100 tiers of the game before the season ends.