After reading a lot of Survivors’ feedback, Studio Wildcard has announced that they’ll be making some changes in the recently released Classic PvP in “ARK: Survival Evolved.” The developer also revealed that a new patch will be rolled out this week as it involves the Eggcellent Adventure update.

Classic PvP

These were made known via Wildcard’s Community Crunch blog post as they stated that the updates will go live this Wednesday, April 24. According to the developer, Classic PvP will be merging all of “ARK’s” separated clusters into just one huge cluster.

They also assured their player base that the game’s Official PvP network will not be affected by the upcoming game tweak. Wildcard went on reminding Survivors to remove anything they may have uploaded prior to Wednesday as they further explained that it is a requisite of the merging process.

Eggcellent Adventure patch

As mentioned, the blog post also stated that a new patch will be rolled out on the same day as it will fix several issues that are currently in the game’s Eggcellent Adventure. The update will be released on both PC and console at 10 a.m. PST:

  • The missing Dino Marshmallow Hat skin has been added to the Cooking Pot (Eggcellent Adventure)
  • Movement bugs that are in relation to stacked impulses that affected the movement of creatures have been fixed. (for dinos)
  • Devs have temporarily disabled Fast Turret Targeting change as it was stated that further iteration Is required. (Plant X)
  • Fix for weapons not equipping properly. (Mantis)
  • For turrets, Wildcard has devised a way to ignore players who are using admin cheats. (“enemyinvisible” and “leavemealone)

Social Roundup in Community Crunch

Meanwhile, a new feature – Social Roundup - has been added to the latest Community Crunch blog post.

Wildcard further explained that it was made to show some of “ARK’s” social activity that players might be missing. The developer even showcased several social media posts from Survivors that they recently responded to:

  • The issue regarding the Trike Charge ability is still under investigation. The same thing goes with the PlayStation 4 Tek storage display as they are now working on the fix.
  • Classic/Duo servers are still on Wildcard’s radar.
  • Collected feedback on the recent Managarmr balance as players pointed out that PvE should not be affected by the PvP balance. Survivors also raised their concerns regarding its speed as they believe that it needs some tweaks. It was also mentioned that “something buggy was up with mana movement.” With that in mind, the developer stated that they’re still looking at balance for Managarmr. They pointed out, though, that it would require significant code tweaks for it to happen.