EA recently announced their plans on introducing Respawn Entertainment’s “Apex Legends” to both mobile devices and China. That said, another announcement was posted by the game maker detailing the improvements that they’re slated to roll out in an upcoming patch.

Hit registration

Community Manager Jayfresh recently took to the game’s subreddit to address the ongoing issues within “Apex” and the steps they took to resolve it. One of them is the game’s hit registration. According to him, the next patch will be addressing such issue and stated that they were able to reproduce and locally fix the numerous cases of erroneous hit reg in the game.

He further explained that these are mostly connected to mismatches between how the server and game client pose characters in their animations. He also pointed out that there’s a lot more to be done on that side of the game adding that the patch would help them get rid of the less severe issues that players have been encountering.

Slow mos

The post also touched the slow mos at the start of the match. Jayfresh revealed that they’ve added some additional tracking and telemetry to the game’s dedicated servers and have discovered that several machines having faulty hardware have been passing their health checks. These machines are now removed from “Apex’s” server pool and players should be noticing an improved match quality.

The developer will continue to roll out more server optimizations and keep players in the loop about it.


As for piggybacking in the game, the post stated that Respawn has been getting a lot of feedback from players and has been doing some internal investigations and checking the game data to know how many matches are affected by it.

They then decided to implement temporary bans in the future to players who are found exhibiting such behavior and permanent bans to extreme cases. Jayfresh stated, however, that this will not be an immediate change and wanted to give their community a heads up about it.

PS4 crashes

PlayStation 4 crashes after the 1.0.8 update were also mentioned in the post.

For the uninitiated, they rolled out a PS4 patch last week that updated its store with new reward skins for PS+ members. However, it didn’t go according to plan which resulted in the above-mentioned crashes. It was later discovered that Lifeline’s “Pick Me Up” banner was the root cause of the problem and stated that they already disabled the Banner. They assured their player base, though, that the issue will be fully fixed in the next patch. In line with this, Respawn also announced that they’ll also release a fix regarding an issue with the recent balance tweaks made to both Caustic and Gibraltar.