Apex Legends’” v1.1.1 update has brought in several buffs and nerfs to the game’s roster of weapons. That said, players have also noticed something with the Legend Gibraltar as they were given the impression that the character was “secretly buffed.”

Reddit user u/VonArne recently took to the game’s subreddit to show a clip of Gibraltar’s so-called buff. Per the post’s title, it was not mentioned in the v1.1.1 patch notes but the character can remove Arc Stars. The OP’s clip shows a player hurling an Arc Star towards Gibraltar that got stuck on the Legend’s Gun Shield.

However, the throwable disappeared as soon as the character lowered down his shield.

Other members of the subreddit were quick to point out that this ability has been with Gibraltar since launch day. Another player even commented that the same thing goes with the Legend’s Dome of Protection (dome shield) where the “doors blow up, Caustic barrels and anything else that disappears.”

Respawn’s response

Respawn took notice of the post as Community Manager Jayfresh responded that they are now looking into it. However, another Reddit user by the name of u/FruitSoups brought to light other ongoing bugs in the game in hopes that the developer would take note of them too:

  • Players getting stuck on the mountain near the market
  • Audios for both footstep and zipline are sometimes missing
  • Another audio bug where other players can hear an enemy shooting non-stop
  • Players getting randomly stuck on the ground. This also happens to players who have eliminated an enemy, not to mention that the enemy’s box lands on top of them.
  • Players being able to kick out other players in the game just by inviting them and they don’t have to accept the invite.
  • The infinite portal bug of Wraith
  • Wraith’s portal teleporting players in areas where they can’t get off (mountains, roof, etc.)
  • Weapon popping up on the wrong slot after either swapping them or picking an item on the ground
  • Weapons cocking at random during a match without using a balloon
  • The loot box bug where players can travel long distances
  • Caustic’s gas breaking Lifeline’s DOC Heal Drone (this happens whether Caustic is an ally or an enemy)

Big boy buff

Meanwhile, alongside the weapon changes, both Gibraltar and Caustic received buffs in the recent update.

According to Dexerto, the former’s Gun Shield health is now 75 from the original 50. The Legend even received a passive perk dubbed as Fortified that grants Gibraltar 10 percent damage reduction.

The same passive perk was also given to the Toxic Trapper. This alongside the damage per tick buff that was upped from one to four and his Ultimate Throw distance that is now 33 meters (previously 28 meters).