For weeks, Bungie has been sharing some bits of information about the upcoming changes that will be rolled out in “Destiny 2’s” 2.2.1 update. With that in mind, the recent This Week at Bungie blog post has revealed more sandbox changes and rewards that will go alongside the upcoming patch. Also, the developer has addressed some emerging issues in the game and one of them includes a recently discovered exploit in the Gambit Prime Sentry armor set.

Privately reported 'Destiny' Gambit issue

According to “D2” YouTuber Cheese Forever, the exploit was privately reported to Bungie over a week ago and was recently posted over on Reddit.

He even uploaded a short clip on how to replicate the exploit. However, Bungie tweeted out that they’ve already disabled the Gambit Prime bonus perks from the set in question and Sentry Synths until they roll out a resolution for this ongoing issue.

Enhancement Core pitch

Meanwhile, someone from the r/DestinyTheGame made a suggestion on how Enhancement Cores should be rewarded in the game.

Per Reddit user u/send-help-plz, the cores “should be granted for whenever players level up after max level. The OP even compared it to “D1’s” Motes of Light that were used back then for infusion, adding that players get five more whenever they level up. The post gained traction among members of the subreddit and Bungie’s Community Manager Cozmo took notice of it.

He gave the usual response that the suggestion has been passed along.

On Titan supers

He also addressed the issue surrounding both the Titan’s Code of the Missile and Ward of Dawn as players have pointed out that the supers have been underperforming in most PvE activities.

Per Cozmo, he stated that he already brought it up to the Sandbox team adding that they are looking into it for future updates. As for the returning Thunderlord, Cozmo assured players that they can now complete each of the steps at their own leisure.

More changes in 2.2.1

Meanwhile, Bungie’s recent stream has revealed a few more changes that will go live in the upcoming 2.2.1 patch:

  • The amount of health invaders heal the Primeval will be 8 percent from the original 12 percent.
  • Increasing the portal cooldown to 40 seconds (from 30 seconds) during the Primeval phase.
  • Bungie wants to see how these tweaks land before touching the Primeval burn.

DeeJ was also present during the livestream where he addressed the rumors surrounding PvP in “D2.” He said that the members of the dev team come into Bungie to work on “Destiny,” adding that they are hard at work on future evolutions for the Crucible.

It was also pointed out that the Crucible will grow from where it’s at lately, adding that the essence of the Crucible will still be there, though there will be some changes along the way.