"Fortnite: Battle Royale" just received patch v8.30 and it brought a major change to the team modes of the game. The Reboot Van and Reboot Cards has been added to the game with this update and these two items will allow players to respawn their fallen teammates. "Fortnite" players were expecting that Epic Games will finally revert the poor changes made with the last update it seems like Health Points/Shield siphon on elimination will not be returning to the main modes of the game anytime soon.

As usual, Epic Games announced some of the new content added to the game in their latest patch notes, but there are some hidden cosmetic items and other usable items that have not been officially announced yet.

One of the new items is called "Shadow Bomb."

Shadow Bomb in Fortnite

"Fortnite" data miner called HYPEX tweeted about finding a new item in the game after the latest patch. According to the leaker, the new item is called "Shadow Bomb." The leaker was able to get find the item names from the directories.

Although the leaker found some files relating to the new item, the models for the Shadow Bomb are yet to be discovered. To further confirm the addition of the new item, the data miner was able to get their hand on two audio files related to the item.

The two audio files for the Shadow Bomb suggest that this new item will be similar to Shadow Stones from season 6.

In case you do not know what Shadow Stones are, they were consumable items that were added to the corrupted areas of the map as a part of the "Darkness Rises" aspect of season 6 of "Fortnite: Battle Royale." The Shadow Stones would turn players into shadows which allowed them to move faster and become invisible when stationary.

The Shadow Stones also allowed players to phase through buildings but weapons were disabled in Shadow form.

Though the Shadow Stones were consumable items, players might be able to carry the new Shadow Bombs in their inventory and use them just like all the other items. According to Dexerto, the files from the latest update also state that players will soon have to "Use a Shadow Bomb in different matches," which is a sort of challenge formation seen in "Fortnite's" weekly challenges.

There's a huge chance that players might see the item in the next couple of weeks in case the leaks turn out to be true.

Discovery outfit in Fortnite

"Fortnite's" patch v8.30 has also revealed the "Ruin" skin's full model. The Ruin outfit is a special unlockable skin for season 8 and there is also a matching back bling with the outfit. The back bling is called "Dying Light" and it can be seen in the video below:

A new set of challenges called Buccaneer's Bounty Event have also gone live with the latest patch and players can get rewards for completing these challenges.