A popular "Fortnite: Battle Royale" point of interest, originally known as Dusty Depot, might be undergoing huge changes according to the latest leak. The location has already seen a major revamp after a huge meteor crashed into the Battle Royale island in Season 4. The meteor destroyed half of the Dusty Depot and created a divot and that's why its currently called the Dusty Divot.

New changes to map in Fortnite

The latest "Fortnite" update, currently a source of criticism by popular streamers, has added new locations to game files which are not released in the game yet.

Popular "Fortnite" data miner S1l0x tweeted about the discoveries that they had made in the new game files. According to the leaker, Dusty Divot will receive an appearance change soon which will also affect the immediate area around the divot.

An excavation site has already appeared near the Paradise Palm but the data miner has revealed that players should expect two more dig sites to appear on the map. The two other dig sites are supposed to appear on Dusty Divot and Loot Lake. Here are the images from the excavation sites:

The leaker had uncovered the geyser below the first excavation site and it turned out to be true.

These dig sites appear to have a health bar of their own which decreases over time, similar to the iceberg which appeared in season 7. Although nothing special happened when the iceberg's health point reached to zero, players hope that Epic Games will not replace these excavations sites with indestructible bunkers again.

In case some of you did not know, the excavation site health points did not decrease automatically. Another "Fortnite" leaker has revealed that the health points of the digging site decrease in real time as more and more players "dig" the area, which means that the places will be revealed quicker if a large number of players across different matches and game modes come together and start digging the place with their pickaxes.

First, the mysterious helicopter appeared on the map which moved from one place to another, now the appearance of these digging site confirms that "Fortnite" season 8 is getting ready for its major event. With April 1 approaching soon, we're not sure if Epic Games is going to fool players by replacing the new site with bunker, as they did in the last season but players should definitely expect a huge occurrence in the upcoming days because "Fortnite" has already reached the mid of season 8.