"Fortnite: Battle Royale" is no stranger to holding real-time events near the end of each season. Mysterious happenings occur throughout each season. In the past, "Fortnite" players have kept track of various objects and events that have occurred on the map, like Kevin the Cube and the earthquakes. This time, the mystery revolves around a helicopter that has suddenly appeared on the map. Unfortunately, the helicopter is not a rideable vehicle like the vaulted Stormwing. Players are still trying to find out the purpose of the appearance of this helicopter and its connection to this season's big event.

"Fortnite" also has a new game mode.

Moving helicopter in 'Fortnite'

The helicopter was first spotted northwest of Sunny Steps, near the Volcano. The helicopter then moved to the hills near Lonely Lodge. Although players have not seen it fly and change its position, the vehicle appears to change its location after two days. Currently, the helicopter can be found on the desert area of the map, near the race track.

Since the appearance of this military vehicle, players have been sharing all sorts of theories regarding the expected event of Season 8. Even though this season of "Fortnite" revolves around pirates and finding treasure on the map, the military helicopter really sticks out and has managed to grab the attention of a lot of players.

This is probably the first time that new players of "Fortnite" have seen a helicopter in the game, but this isn't the first time that the vehicle has appeared in the game.

After the meteor crash, several seasons ago, the research camp set up inside Dusty Divot included a similar helicopter in its setup. Due to this connection, players have been speculating that the new helicopter, which is moving across the map, might belong to the government that was researching the effects of the meteors and hop rocks.

Currently, the helicopter can be seen spying the Prisoner's throne in the Volcano, but the actual pattern of its movement is yet to be decoded. Some players have reported that the vehicle moves every two to three days and the movement might become more frequent once the days of this season's major event get closer and closer. That would be just like Kevin the Cube's movement before the Butterfly event.

Epic Games' plans for the helicopter are currently unknown and this vehicle may or may not be a part of the major event, because, in Season 7, players have seen a strange rock formation near Wailing Woods that changed its pose. It was never a part of some major happening. The new pistol stats have also been leaked.