Respawn Entertainment has finally decided to release the first season of "Apex Legends." Season 1 will start on March 19 at 10 AM PT. It will include the Battle Pass. The Battle Pass is a progression system first introduced in Season 2 of "Fortnite Battle Royal," and it has quickly become popular in other battle royale games. It costs 950 Apex Coins and contains numerous rewards.

"Wild Frontier" will be the theme of Season 1 and players will be able to progress through the Battle Pass and unlock thematic skins. In addition, players that do not spend their money on the progression system will also be able to unlock a few rewards by leveling up.

March 19 will be a huge day for "Apex Legends," so let's see what's waiting for us!

Plenty of rewards to earn

Just like in "Fortnite Battle Royale," players will be able to unlock the regular Battle Pass for 950 coins or unlock the bundle that includes 25 tiers for 2,800 coins. Buying the bundle will instantly unlock all the rewards and help players progress faster through the first season. Players who get the pass will receive three skins: the Lifeline Revolutionary, the Wraith Survivor, and the Mirage Outlaw skin.

Over 100 rewards will be included in the pass. Free players will be able to get the Wild Frontier Octane skin, five Apex Packs, and 18 different Wild Frontier Stat Trackers. In addition to this, Battle Pass owners will also be able to earn in-game currency through leveling.

Besides the three skins at the first tier, players will able to earn over 20 different weapon skins. The Battle Pass will also include legends intros, stat trackers (tier 3 reward is the Season 1 kill tracker), exclusive banners, XP boosts, and much, much more.

These rewards will be obtainable only in Season 1, and when the season ends, players will no longer be able to get them.

More changes coming to the game

Respawn Entertainment has revealed some more details about Season 1, such as legends changes and hitbox modifications. However, there is a good chance that we will get even more changes to the game, such as map changes.

In addition to this, Octane, a new legend, will be released with the first season.

"Apex Legends" has been drastically losing its popularity in the past two weeks, but there is no doubt that this will change soon. Many players are eagerly anticipating March 19. This could be the day when the video game takes off and establishes itself as the No. 1 in gaming.