Since the past few seasons, "Fortnite" players, old and new, have demanded that Epic games add a ranked mode to the game that will group players will same skill set in a match. New players often get eliminated in "Fortnite" during the first minute of a match due to the high experience gap between them and seasoned player. But all of that might change soon because a new announcement made by Epic Games for the "Fortnite World Cup" teases a game mode that is somewhat similar ranked match format and will be coming in patch v8.20.

New Arena Mode in Fortnite

"Fortnite: Battle Royale" developers have announced their road map for the upcoming "Fortnite World Cup" today. The World Cup is set to kick off on April 13 and will run for almost 10 weeks. The top-performing players in the World Cup will be awarded cash from the prize pool of $10,000,000. Aside from the World Cup, players spotted another minor detail about a game mode that might be "Fortnite's" take on the ranked matchmaking.

According to the official blog post on the Epic Games site, the new game mode will be called Arena Mode. The blog post also emphasized on the fact that this mode will not be an LTM as it will be "Always On." The details about this new game mode suggest that the mode will be divided into certain "leagues" and that players can qualify for the weekend Online Opens through it.

Although the division of the mode into different leagues is not explicitly mentioned, the highest attainable level/rank in this mode is called Champion League and only those players who Champion League will be able to access to the Fortnite World Cup Online Open tournaments. In this mode, there is no specific timeframe to compete for the highest league and players can play anytime to progress to the Champion League.

How will the tournaments work?

Players who would have unlocked the Online Open will play in ten matches that will run for three hours (specified according to the server region) on Saturdays of each week. Top 3,000 players (in each region) with the highest score in the Online Open will proceed to the Online Open final on the following day.

Top performing players will be awarded. According to the blog post, The best players from each week will be invited to the Fortnite World Cup Finals to be held in New York City, July 26-28.

So that's it for the ranked mode in "Fortnite." For now, Epic Games might be testing this new method of matchmaking for almost two months, so there's plenty of time to get feedback from players regarding this new game mode.