Epic Games just revealed its first pirate-themed item that will be coming to "Fortnite." Earlier today, one of the "Coming soon" tabs in the in-game menu in "Fortnite" revealed the latest item with "X marks the spot" and its description said, "Scour the island for hidden loot with the new Buried Treasure item!" As the eighth season of the game is based on nautical setting and its tag line also says "X marks the spot," a treasure hunt was expected in this season.

'Fortnite' treasure hunt

Currently, it is not officially revealed how the treasure hunt is actually going to work but a well known "Fortnite" data miner, Lucas7yoshi, has found some 3D models in the game files that hint how the treasure hunt will work.

According to the leaker, players will have to find the treasure map first, just like all the other weapons and items.

The treasure map item will then guide players to the buried chest, but we're not sure if the location will appear on the map or if it is going to work as a compass. Lastly, some players might compete for the same loot because in "Fortnite" season 8 trailer Blackheart, Ice King, and The Prisoner can be seen carrying the same map which leads them to the same spot. Here's how the chest is going to look like:

Another data miner on Twitter was able to dig into the game files and found some other environmental item models related to the treasure hunt.

The leaked models include a shovel, X mark, and the digging location.

It's unclear whether players will find regular high-rarity items in the chest or if the chest is going to contain an item similar to the Infinity Gauntlet or Infinity Blade.

But for all the struggle of finding the loot, players will definitely be getting Supply Drop-tier items from the chest.

Audio files leaks from season 8 have also revealed that a beacon (similar to the one in the trailer) will appear at the location of the buried treasure. The leaked audio files also include the sound effects for digging, searching chest, opening the chest, equipping/unequipping map etc.

Here are the sound effects:

Due to "Fortnite's" ongoing competition with "Apex Legends," some players believe that Epic Games is going to implement this feature in the game in order to keep up with "Apex Legend's" map feature that allows players to see low and high-tier loot locations.

There is no official date for the release of this feature, but Epic Games always teases and item a day before its release, so it means that we might see the treasure map item in the game on 5 March after a quick update.